Wild Horn (ワイルド ホーン, Wairudo Hōn) is a B-Class Rank 6 professional hero of the Hero Association.


Wild Horn wears a mask with large horns on both sides that cover his face. His attire consists of a full black jumpsuit as well as armored plates on his chest and shoulders with a large belt. He carries his weapon in his right forearm.


Not much is known about Wild Horn's personality. Though he seems very arrogant as he underestimates Saitama due to his appearance, he has a laid back personality. He also seems to care about his subordinates and vows to protect them.


Sometime before joining the Hero Association, he worked at a construction site and redesigned the machine into his weapon the Pile Bison.

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Squadron Edit

Wild Horn was summoned by the Hero Association alongside Pink Hornet, Smell Master, Trap Tengu and Saitama to capture a monster alive, for medical purposes and is assigned as the team leader. When the heroes reached the woods, Wild Horn gives orders to the other heroes to catch the monster and only assigns Saitama with the map. Unfortunately for them, Guiches lied about the reason for wanting the monster alive and it's strength. During the battle against Scaledon, Pink Hornet attempts to distract the monster while Wild Horn prepares to attack it. Though their plan fails and they are eaten and almost killed by the monster, they are ultimately saved by Saitama.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Wild Horn, with the addition of his Pile Bison, is pretty powerful even possibly as strong as an A-Class hero being in the top ten of the B-Class.


Wild Horn Attack

Pile Bison: Wild Horn wields a pile driver called the "Pile Bison" that he redesigned to specialize in hero work. Pile Bison is strong enough to destroy trees.[2]

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