As long as I can protect my own town, that's enough for me.[1]
— Watchdog Man

Watchdog Man (番犬マン Banken-man) is a S-Class Rank 12 professional hero who is in charge of Q-City.


Watchdog Man is a young-looking man with a blank and uninterested look on his face and dresses in a full-body dog suit with a red collar, with his face showing where the dog's mouth should be.


Watchdog Man has been shown to be very blunt and nonchalant. He also has a habit of wearing his costume all the time even during bath time. His table manners are also pretty bad since he eats like a dog and is never seen using a fork or spoon, he also sleeps like a dog too.

Like a dog, he is only protecting his territory, Q-city, during his hero job, stating himself that, as long as he can defend his city he is content. One example is when he immediately stopped pursuing Garou after their battle reached the city limit, thus making it possible for Garou to escape.


Webcomic notice The following section contains Webcomic spoilers. You have been warned, manga-only readers.

At some point in the past, Watchdog Man was C-Class Rank 301 in the Hero Association.


Hero Association SagaEdit

Rumored Monster ArcEdit

WDM carnage

Watchdog Man atop a mountain of slain monsters

As the higher-ups of the Hero Association discuss the status of various cities, Watchdog Man was mentioned, as the hero in charge of Q-City. His report states "All quiet here". The suits are concerned about Watchdog Man's attitude, but admit that he can handle the dangerous city.[4]

Watchdog Man Invasion

Watchdog Man atop the invasion of monsters

Alien Conquerors ArcEdit

Watchdog Man made a brief appearance at the S-Class meeting. At the meeting, he comments that they, the heroes, cannot prevent the prophecy from happening.[5]

Human Monster SagaEdit

Super Fight ArcEdit

Garou finds Watchdog Man relaxing in the Watchdog Man Plaza.[6] Before he can attack, an invasion from the Monster Association arrives at the plaza. Watchdog Man quickly dispatches all of the monsters and rips them apart with great haste, while Garou observes him. Garou then attempts to attack Watchdog Man while the hero is sitting.[7]

Watchdog Man then engages in battle with Garou. Unfortunately for Garou, Watchdog Man is shown to be far superior to him in speed and strength, and because his technique was like that of a wild animal rather than a human being, Garou was unable to properly read his movements and was ultimately defeated, even after Garou used his most powerful technique: the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. All the while, his face remained stoic and emotionless.[8]

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


The Murder Case that Is Too ImpossibleEdit

Watchdog sleeping

Watchdog Man sleeping

Watchdog Man and the other S-Class heroes were invited to a hot spring resort, after the Dark Matter Thieves failed invasion. While at the hot spring, he was questioned by Metal Bat about his whereabouts, only to state he went to protect his city. When Zombieman was found murdered and Child Emperor was trying to find the culprit, Watchdog Man was asleep and couldn't be woken up.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

As an S-Class hero, Watchdog Man is extremely powerful. A testament to his prowess is that he was left in charge of Q-City, which is considered to be the most dangerous city in the country in terms of number and average disaster level of Mysterious Beings.[4] In his early days as a hero, he managed to rip off the head of a an enormous monster without incurring an injury.[9] According to the Hero Association, Watchdog Man has taken out Mysterious Beings faster than any other hero.[4] Watchdog Man is also strong enough to defeat Garou effortlessly without using his full strength.[10] However, a contributing factor to this is that Garou at that time lacked experience in fighting against non-humanoids as Watchdog Man fights like an animal rather than a human, and also because Garou underestimated the hero due to the former's lack of techniques.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Watchdog combat

Watchdog Man during combat

Immense Strength: Watchdog Man seems to possess an extreme amount of raw physical strength, being able to easily rip apart multiple monsters with his bare hands. Watchdog Man is strong enough to severely wound Garou.

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Watchdog Man is extremely fast, being able to rip apart multiple monsters in a short amount of time.[11] He holds the record for fastest monster elimination.[4] Despite being attacked by around 30 Monster Association monsters at the same time, Watchdog Man managed to come out of the battle without a scratch.[12] He is also able to block multiple attacks from Garou, then retaliate at a speed that Garou could not counter.

Fighting StyleEdit

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Garou described Watchdog Man's fighting style as that of a beast or a monster rather than a human. Garou also noted that Watchdog Man lacks any special techniques or weapons, relying only on simple hand-to-hand combat.[13] However, Watchdog Man's skills are demonstrated to be rather powerful, being able to counter Garou's martial art techniques, including his Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. As a result, he can counter all of Garou's movements perfectly, since Garou's techniques are designed to be used against human targets, not monsters, as well as the fact that Bang has yet to teach him how to fight monsters. When he countered Garou's attacks, his blocking resembled the dog-like behavior of giving his paw for a handshake.[14]

Hero RatingEdit

Watchdog Man's rating determined by the Hero Association[3]:

Ability Type Stamina Intelligence Justice Endurance Power Popularity Effectiveness Fighting Ability

Major BattlesEdit

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Watchdog Man vs. Garou 77 None Win


  • "Someone just let one rip."[15]


Episode 2 Cameos

Watchdog Man cameo appearance

  • Watchdog Man is ranked 18th in the character popularity poll.
  • Watchdog Man appeared in Dr. Genus' computer screen in the House of Evolution.[16]


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