Waganma (ワガンマ, Waganma) is the son of Narinki and later was taken hostage by the Monster Association.


Waganma strongly resembles his father, he has short light colored hair with sideburns that curl inwards and large lips. His attire consist of a light colored business suit and a polka dot bow tie.


Waganma is a curious child willing to try commoners sushi, but doesn't understand the etiquette of dining.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Raid ArcEdit

Waganma and his father Narinki meet Metal Bat at a sushi restaurant, who is tasked to guard them from Garou. As Waganma was trying different foods, he kept returning the plates on the conveyor belt, which frustrates Metal Bat. Shortly a rumble occurs and Waganma was grabbed by Junior Centipede and Venus Mantrap.[1]

Metal Bat quickly disposed of the monsters and Wagnma was freed. They are later attacked by Senior Centipede and Rafflesidon who are members of the Monster Association. Waganma and his father were then knocked out by Rafflesidon gasses.[2] After Metal Bat defeated the monster, he ordered Pineapple and Mohican to take Waganma and Narinki to the hospital, however Elder Centipede emerged through the ground and attempts to kidnap him.[3] As he was being carried by the Pineapple, they were cornered by Elder Centipede, until Metal Knight came and drew the attention away from them. As the heroes carries them to safety, Rhino Wrestler, Phoenix Man and Sludge Jellyfish demands for Waganma and his father.[4] Waganma was later captured by the Monster Association and taken to their hideout.[5]

Super Fight ArcEdit

Waganma is seen tied up in chains in the Monster Association headquarters.[6]


  • "Waganma" is a play of words of "Wagamama" which means "spoiled"


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