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Volume 2
Volume 2
Japanese release December 12, 2012
ISBN: 978-4-08-870702-0
English release September 1, 2015
ISBN : 978-1-4215-8565-9
Chapter List 9th Punch: House of Evolution

10th Punch: Modern Art
11th Punch: The Key to His Power
12th Punch: Paradise Group
13th Punch: Speed
14th Punch: Don't Know You
15th Punch: Hobby and Work
Extra: Brushing Up

Cover character Genos

"The Key to His Power" (強さの秘訣, Tsuyosa no Hiketsu) is the second volume of the One-Punch Man manga series.


A single man arose to face the evil threatening humankind.

His name was Saitama. He became a hero for fun. Three years of special training made him lose his hair, but he gained invincible power. He achieved such strength that he can defeat any opponent, however strong, with one punch.

Unable to make use of his full strength, he is unsatisfied as a hero, but a cyborg named Genos asked to become his pupil! Then the House of Evolution takes an interest in Saitama's power and send monstrous assassins after him...

Series All StarsEdit

All Stars
Saitama serious profile Genos profile anime DGAnime Profile AGProfile
Saitama Genos Dr. Genus Armored Gorilla
Beast King
Beast King


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