Volume 11
Volume 11
Japanese release June 3, 2016
ISBN: 978-4-08-880646-4
English release March 7, 2017
ISBN : 978-1-42-159226-8
Chapter List Online 56th Punch: Meddling

57th Punch: Meddling Continued
58th Punch: Creeping Darkness
59th Punch: Only You
60th Punch: Admission
61st Punch: Dark Horse
Extra 1: Squadron
Extra 2: Weapon

Chapter List Viz Media 56th Punch: Head-On

57th Punch: Interruption
58th Punch: Giant Insect
59th Punch: Only You
60th Punch: Entering the Stadium
61st Punch: Dark Horse
Extra 1: Rangers
Extra 2: Weapon

Cover character Metal Bat and Saitama

"Giant Bug Monster" (大怪蟲, Daikaichu) is the eleventh volume of the One-Punch Man manga series.

Summary Edit

A single man arose to face the evil threatening humankind!
His name was Saitama. He became a hero for fun!

With one punch he has resolved every crisis so far, but no one believes he could be so extraordinary strong.

Together with his pupil Genos (Class S), Saitama has been active a a hero and risen from Class C to Class B.

During a time of great danger, a man named Garou, who admires monsters, shows up and begins hunting heroes. And during an outbreak of monster appearances, Metal Bat faces the giant Elder Centipede. Meanwhile Saitama has taken an interest in martial arts, so he enters a martial arts tournament.

Featured CharactersEdit

Featured Characters
Genos Profile キング
Saitama ジェノス
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