Underdog Man No. 22
Dog Bot
Type Robot
Creator Child Emperor
Owner(s) Child Emperor
Manga Debut Chapter 67

Underdog Man No. 22 (力マセイヌン22号, Kamaseinuman 22-gō) was a remotely-controlled robot created by Child Emperor. It was destroyed during Child Emperor's fight against Eyesight.


It appears as a dog-like humanoid robot and can be easily mistaken as a real hero.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Raid ArcEdit

Child Emperor uses it to fight the monster Eyesight and to save the poisoned heroes. After being bitten by Eyesight's poisonous snakes, Child Emperor collects the data and sends it to the Hero Association to create an antidote. Underdog Man No. 22 then grabs Eyesight and self destructs.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Dog Paddle Punch (犬かきパーンチ, Inukaki Pānchi): Underdog Man jumps at its opponent. The full effect of this technique is unknown, as it wasn't able to connect to its target.[2]

Self Destruct: Underdog Man jumps at its opponent and destroys itself with a powerful explosion.[3]


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