Trap Tengu  (罠天狗, Wana Tengu) is a B-Class Rank 70 professional hero for the Hero Association.


Fitting his name, Trap Tengu wears a mask that looks like a tengu's face. He also wears a grey kimono and traditional Japanese wooden sandals.

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Trap Tengu was summoned by the Hero Association alongside Pink Hornet, Wild Horn, Smell Master and Saitama to capture a Scaledon alive, for medical purposes. When the heroes reached the woods, Trap Tengu receives orders from Wild Horn place traps to catch the monster. Scaledon fell into the trap, but managed to break free and eats all of the heroes. In the end Saitama came and punched the monster, saving them all.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

According to his rank Trap Tengu isn't very strong by B-Class standards. Like his name would suggest he is very skilled with traps.


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