Mysterious Being Transformation
Type Supplementary Technique
User(s) Mysterious Beings
Webcomic Debut Chapter 2
Manga Debut Chapter 2
Anime Debut Episode 1

A Transformation is a change in physical form which usually comes with a significant boost in power.


Transformation is a process when a Mysterious Being morphs into a larger, more powerful form or when a Human transform into a Mysterious Being through various means:

1. A human can transform into a monster, because of their obsession for certain things.

2. A human can become a monster from injecting or eating a Monster Cell

3. A human can transform in rare cases of mutation or through pure hatred, which turns them into Ugmon, a special type of monster.

4. A human can transform into a Cyborg, through cybernetical enhancement.

Some Mysterious Beings have high willpower and has the ability to transform from monster to human, although this requires a great deal of training, as seen with the ninjitsu training Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame went through. Only Gale Wind, Hellfire Flame, Fish of Darkness, and Haragiri are known to have that power.