Torao (トラオ, Torao) is the son of the fashion police Torajirou.


Torao is a young boy with short black hair that is parted to the left. He used to wear very tacky clothes made by his father, but later wore normal, more simple outfit.


Torao was bullied quite a lot, because of his father's tacky attire, but after meeting Saitama he stood up to him and started to wear what he likes.

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He was sitting outside the stadium where the hero costume contest was held in his underwear, telling Saitama and Genos the bullies took his clothes. Saitama gave him his outfit and told him to go home. After the contest, he found Saitama and returned his hero costume, thanking him. He arrived at the stadium to see his father, only to tell him the outfits he gave him were horrible and he will wear what he likes.[1]


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