Torako (トラ子, Torako) is the pet cat of a Hero Association staff member's daughter.


Torako is a small cat with white fur, yellow eyes and a blue collar.


Torako was shown to be a caring mother to her children, as she was seen hunting and searching for food for them.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


Lost CatEdit

Torako ran away from her owner and Saitama was asked by a Hero Association staff member to help find the cat. Torako was located at a restricted area where the monster Grizzly Nyah and her offspring were rampaging and many heroes fighting the Mysterious Beings. Torako refused her owners calls as she was rushing to her kittens that were in the bush. Grizzly Nyah corners Torako and as the cat hisses, Saitama defends her from the monster. Saitama then saves Torako from the monster and reunites her with her owner. As Saitama picks up Torako, she scratches him, and Saitama threatens to punch her.[1]


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