Tongara (トンガラ, Tongara) is the captain of the Narinki's Private Squad.


Tonagara is a tall man with short black hair and an angular face, with a defined jaw and forehead. His attire consist of a specialized black and white power suit.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Association ArcEdit

Tongara is apointed as the team leader by Narinki to save his son from the Monster Association. Narinki states that if his army retrieves his son, they will be payed so much their grandchildren won't have to work.[1]

When he and his team arrived to the hideout, they managed to kill two Mysterious Beings, before being caught by G5 and brought before Orochi and Gyoro Gyoro. There he and his team begged for their lives, his face was slightly cut by Royal Ripper before he and his team was transformed into love slaves by Do-S.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Fighting StyleEdit


Power Armor: Tongara wears armor provided by Narinki and manufactured by The Organization.[3]

Rail Gun: Tongara carries a rail gun with him.[4]


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