The Three Crows (三羽ガラス, Sanbagarasu) are Mysterious Being's and part of the Monster Association.


The Three Crows have the typical appearance of a black crow. They are very large and have three legs and muscular human arms.

History Edit

The Three Crows used to be Gouketsu's disciples. They were weak-willed and lost their personas after monsterification.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Super Fight ArcEdit

The Three Crows fly inside the Super Fight stadium in C-City and hold Rosie, Dave and Bazuzu hostage. [1]

They then attack the martial artists and defeat them.

They are killed by the combined force of Suiryu, Sneck and Lighting Max.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Not much known is about The Three Crows. Given the fact they are a Demon level threat, it is presumed they are fairly strong. They easily defeat several martial artists. Each individual crow is around a Tiger level threat since A-Class heroes Lightning Max and Sneck are able to challenge and defeat them. While they were fighting Suiryu, all three of them together were able to cause some trouble for him, although this was while he was significantly weakened.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Flight: Their feathered wings allowed the Crows to fly.


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