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The following section contains Webcomic spoilers. You have been warned manga-only readers.


At the age of 7, Tatsumaki was sent off by her adoptive parents to be tested because of her extraordinary powers. When she was 10, a monster outbreak occurred leaving her alone to fend off the monsters. Luckily, Blast managed to come to Tatsumaki's rescue.[1]


Hero Association SagaEdit

Rumored Monster ArcEdit

Tornado relaxing

Tatsumaki appears in the control room

Tatsumaki visited the Z-City branch of the Hero Association to see if she can investigate the restricted area of Z-City. However she is informed by the Bearded Worker she didn't need to do, since the Association thought that an S-Class wasn't necessary for the job. She leaves only to call the worker an idiot.Later after both Golden Ball and Spring Mustache return badly injured, Tatsumaki is enraged and yelling at the worker saying she should have gone. The worker shows her a picture of the destruction, saying even she might have had a hard time. Tatsumaki tells him she could handle it then calling him an idiot again.[2]

Alien Conquerors ArcEdit


Tatsumaki meeting Saitama for the first time

Tatsumaki is sent to the mountains by plane to defeat the Ancient King, only to be called back the Heroes Association Headquarters by cellphone, which angers her greatly. She quickly ends the fight by sending a meteor crashing down on the Ancient King.[3]

Tatsumaki later met Saitama, when Bang invites the latter to the Hero Association S-Class Meeting. She becomes indignant at his presence, asking who let Saitama in, pointing out the ethics he is supposed to have as a lower-ranked hero, and accusing him of only coming to the meeting to see the S-Class heroes up close. A perplexed Saitama mistakes her for a child and asks if she is lost, prompting Tatsumaki to explain her identity. Genos observes that most of the S-Class Heroes have arrived and goes to take his seat, causing Saitama to ignore her much to her chagrin.[4] Upon the meeting's inception, Bang asks what the heroes were called to the meeting for. Tatsumaki states that she had to wait for two hours without hearing an explanation.[5]


Tatsumaki observing the spaceship from the roof

During the alien invasion of A-City, Tatsumaki prepares to set out to engage with the enemy and their aircraft. Because of King's moniker of "The Strongest Man on Earth", fellow S-Class hero Superalloy Darkshine ask for King's opinion on how to deal with the spaceship, to which his answer is deemed pathetic by Tatsumaki. Frustrated by King's inability to take the initiative, she decided to take down the UFO alone and declining Genos' offer to assist.[6]

On the site of the Heroes' engagement with Melzalgald, the aircraft of the Dark Matter Thieves launched an attack towards the ground in an attempt to eliminate Bang, Atomic Samurai, Metal Bat and Puri-Puri-Prisoner, only to be intercepted by Tatsumaki and was redirected back to the aircraft.[7] In the midst of the battle, Tanktop Master attempted to help her by throwing concrete blocks at the enemy, until he realized that Tatsumaki's psychic ability can do more than Tanktop Master could ever accomplish on his own.[8]


Tatsumaki using rubble to destroy the spaceship

The spaceship eventually fell, though she was not convinced it is because of her doing.[9] After the fight is over, Saitama busted out from the wreckage, and is asked by Tatsumaki if he came on his own. Instead, the latter ignores her and started a conversation with Genos. Pissed, she started teasing Saitama with his bald head and pinned Genos to a wall after he addresses her as a kid. Bang stops her when she is about to take on Saitama, telling her to act properly as an S-Class hero.[10]

Human Monster SagaEdit

The Blizzard Group ArcEdit

Tatsumaki makes a brief appearance in Fubuki's vision.[11]

Monster Raid ArcEdit

Tatsumaki Above

Tatsumaki has arrived

Tatsumaki causes an explosion in the city where Do-S and Fubuki are fighting. When she arrives, she immediately tells Fubuki to go home and that she will handle the rest. Do-S orders her love slaves to attack Tatsumaki as a distraction as she escapes. Tatsumaki immobilizes all of the love slaves and tells Fubuki that they will only get in her way and to not call them her allies. She then takes off to find the rest of the monsters.[12]

Super Fight ArcEdit

She later appears arriving in I-City, killing a wounded Hundred-Eyes Octopus, much to the chagrin of Flashy Flash. She berates the heroes and then leaves as Flashy Flash tries to berate her.[13]

Original WebcomicEdit

Webcomic notice The following section contains Webcomic spoilers. You have been warned, manga-only readers.

Monster Association ArcEdit

Being invited to the assult on the Monster Associations headquarters Tatsumaki shows discontent when being told it would be a team battle in which she bemoans her handling the issue herself. When she goes on another tyraid about her overconfidence after Child Emperor chides her bad attitude, but soon relents after hearing King is also coming along.After storming the headquarters of the Monster Association with several other heroes, Tornado confronts the leader and rips the entire base out of the ground. She then battles against the remaining Dragon level monsters, but is attacked from behind by the aforementioned leader Psykos, and is weakened.

Beaing viciously battered and beaten around her clobbering is momentarily postponed by the arival of her sister Fubuki and some of the other heroes who attended. But as they are steadily being whittled down by the enemies relentless assault, Tatsumaki re-enters the frey boasting that the other heroes are useless without her focusing her TK on taking down Evil Natural Water by dispersing his liquid form with sheer pressure.

Soon afterwards she is attacked by Black Sperm but quickly dispatches all of his combination attack forms. But in the short instant she sweaps aside his affront, Sperm takes Busaiku hostage as he preps his final trump card by fusing ten trillion cells into Golden Sperm. Who proves so powerful he easily blows through the weakened Tatsumaki the instant it takes an eye to blink. She isn't down for long however, she soon regains consciousness and attempts to snap Golden Sperm's neck but the creatures will is too powerful and rebukes her telekinesis.

After Garou dispatches both Sperm entities when he reaches his second transformed state. Tatsumaki attacks him by flinging a giant bolder at the latter, but he easily parry's it smashing the rock to pieces with one blow, commenting on how her TK wasn't much as her sister Fubuki's was. When Told by the human monster what he'd done to her, she flew into a rage hurling whatever she could find his way.

Garou, now declaring himself a Threat Level God; going so far as naming his new form of Kenpo Monster Calamity God Slayer Fist. He would go onto decimate the remaining heroes while fending off Tatsumaki's rock barrage with ease, Focusing the last bits of her psychokinesis to pin him in place while the other heroes took a what at him. But Garou quickly adapted to her TK soon releasing himself from her mental bind, she defiantly states if she were in top form she'd wipe the floor with him in five seconds though as soon as he moves to finish it Tatsumaki passes out from her injuries and the strain her powers imposed on them.[1]

Psychic Sisters ArcEdit

She attempts to kill Psykos and severely injure the Blizzard Group. Tatsumaki is eventually confronted by Saitama. Saitama takes her out of the building to avoid more damage. She gets angered at Saitama and "fights" with him (Tatsumaki was the only one with any offense). Speed O' Sound Sonic gets involved, still hunting Saitama and promising to defeat him. He is quickly taken out. Her wounds from the Monster Association fights open up, so she had to stop fighting. She said that if she actually tried and was not wounded, she could easily beat Saitama. He asks her why is she a hero and why she keeps others away, only to say "Because.. Bla-" but then decides it's not worth it. She reminiscences about the time where she was saved by Blast when she was young after a monster had escaped. She then asks herself, "When will you be back, Blast?"[1]


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