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Suiryu vs. Choze, Benpatsu, Volten, Hamukichi, and Gouketsu
Suiryu vs. ma
Location C-City
Chapter(s) Chapter 72
Outcome Ongoing
Martial Artist Suiryu Monster Choze
Monster Benpatsu
Monster Volten
Monster Hamukichi
Monster Gouketsu

Void Fist

  • Void Shaking Tiger Fist
  • Void Phoenix Ascension Fist
  • Void Sky Dragon Fist

The Fist Of The Pure Blood Master Race

  • Inferior Race Annihilation Shot


Harsh Path Style


Super Lightning Fist


Sunflower Dojo's Gentle Self Defense



Damage Sustained/Casualties
Suiryu is heavily injured Choze, Benpatsu, Volten, and Hamukichi are defeated

Gouketsu is uninjured

Previous Saitama vs. Suiryu
Next Unreleased

Webcomic Spoilers

Garou vs. Death Gatling (chronologically)

Suiryu vs. Choze, Benpatsu, Volten, Hamukichi, and Gouketsu is an ongoing conflict between Suiryu, the newly transformed monsters Choze, Benpatsu, Volten, Hamukichi, and Dragon-level monster Gouketsu.


The Three Crows

The Three Crows arrive with three of the injured martial artists

Gouketsu and The Three Crows have entered the arena after the tournament and surround the martial artists.[1]

Lightning Max and Sneck attempt to attack Gouketsu, but are defeated with a swift kick.[2] Choze, Benpatsu, Volten, and Hamukichi agree to eat the monster cells and transform into monsters. Suiryu chooses to rebel against them and begins to fight.[3]


Benpatsu charges at Suiryu and is met with a strong kick to the face and Hamukichi tries to take advantage by attacking from behind. As Hamukichi begins his attack, he is met with a punch to the face. Volten then tries to use his Super Lightning Fist, but Suiryu dodges it then grabs Benpatsu's pony tail and slams him onto Volten. Suiryu sighs with relief as Bakuzan looks on then stands off with Choze, who seems to be much stronger than the others.[4]

As they begin to fight, it seems that Choze is able to keep up with Suiryu. Suiryu states that he's actually kind of decent but Choze says that Suiryu lacks intellect by underestimating him. Choze starts charging up some sort of energy attack while stating that he will rebuild the world through his own selection process. He releases his Inferior Race Annihilation Shot at

Inferior Race Annihilation Shot

"Inferior Race Annihilation Shot"

Suiryu which has to be blocked in order to avoid hitting the people behind him.[5]

As Suiryu struggles to hold back the shot, he decides to kick it up into the air. While Choze is awestruck by this, Suiryu catches him by surprise by ripping off his horns and kneeing him in the face. This angers Choze and he begins to clash with Suiryu. Their clashing happens around Gouketsu who watches without hesitation. Their fighting is so fast that the martial artists that are watching can't keep up with what's going on. Eventually Suiryu hits Choze with Void Shaking Tiger Fist and follows it up with Void Phoenix Ascension Fist which kills Choze.[6]

Suiryu bleeds after the fight and now stands against Gouketsu. Gouketsu tries to get Suiryu to become a monster as it'd be a waste to kill Suiryu. Suiryu picks up a monster cell and as he is about to eat it, he flings it at Gouketsu's face. He hits Gouketsu with Void Sky Dragon Fist, but Suiryu is met by a punch from Gouketsu. Suiryu falls quickly to the ground and an unharmed Gouketsu announces that it's time for him to die.[7]


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