Studless (スタッドレス, Sutaddoresu) is a C-Class Rank 295 professional hero for the Hero Association


Studless is a hero dressed in a blue costume with tire tracks running across it that covers his whole body and face as well as wearing a tire around his waist and wrists.


Hero Association SagaEdit

Sea Monster ArcEdit

Studless along with other C-Class heroes meet Mumen Rider, who was heading towards J-City. He warned Mumen Rider that the monster threat is demon and that they cannot fight it.[1]

Human Monster SagaEdit

Hero Hunt ArcEdit

Studless , Hyottoko and Red Nose are talking about the defeat of the Tank Topper Army and the hero hunt, when Garou suddenly appeared behind them.[2] They were all later found beaten on the street.[3]

Monster Raid ArcEdit

Studless, Ecolo G and another hero fight against Eyesight[4], but are all poisoned by the monster. He and the other heroes were later saved by Child Emperor and Pig God.[5]

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


Pork Cutlet BowlEdit

He was one of the many heroes which tried to attack the monster that was devastating a police station in order to get a lot of credits, since it was an important emergency. However, he arrives at the scene when Saitama has already killed the monster.[6]


Studless is one of the contestants of the Hero Costume Contest under the entry number 17.[7]

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a low ranking C-Class hero, it is implied he isn't a very strong fighter.

Major BattlesEdit

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Studless, Red Nose and Hyottoko vs. Garou (Off screen) 47 None Loss
Studless and Ecolo G vs. Eyesight (Off screen) 67 None Loss


  • Initially Studless was seen being controlled by Do-S, but was later redrawn to be Saturn Man, while Studless fought Eyesight.[8]


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