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Stinger (スティンガー, Sutingā) is an A-Class Rank 10 professional hero for the Hero Association.


Stinger is a tall and lean-built young man with dark hair that for the most part is spiked back, save for a few that fall forward over his face. He wears a tight black suit, which appears to be made of bandages. He carries a large spear with him that has a brown handle and a large spearhead at the end.


Stinger is a rather confident, charismatic individual who takes pride in both his association rank and popularity polls. Stinger seems to overestimate the threat level of monster, thinking he defeated a God level threat, only to be a Tiger level.


Hero Association SagaEdit

Sea Monster ArcEdit


Stinger defeated by the Sea King

When the Seafolk show up in J-City they start attacking people. One citizen is in the grasp of one of the monsters when the monsters' arm gets cut off. Stinger then makes his entrance, challenging the Mysterious Being's to a fight.[2]

Later he is shown on a news report to be fighting a desperate battle, having killed at least one, he has exhausted most of his stamina. After a tough battle he manages to defeat all of them. Just as he is celebrating he is attacked by the Deep Sea King, who easily defeats him.[3] He was later hospitalized alongside Lightning Max. While reading the newspaper, about the incident and the hero who took their credit, Puri-Puri-Prisoner appears, much to their horror, and is about to give them both his special medicine, but Lightning Max and Stinger manage to run away with fear.[4] At some point after this, he received a promotion to rank 10.[1]

Alien Conquerors ArcEdit

Stinger along with Lightning Max head to Hero Association Headquarters at A-City to help out with the rescuing operation with Mumen Rider, even asking to borrow a vehicle.[5]

Human Monster Saga Edit

Monster Association Arc Edit

He is briefly seen as a potential target for Garou's hero hunt.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


Lost CatEdit

Stinger, Lightning Genji, Genos, Peach Terry, and Heavy Kong were assigned to secretly take care of Grizzly Nyah. Lightning Genji and Stinger were able to take care of one of the children but had to ultimately run away from the mother. Lightning Genji stunned the Grizzly Nyah, while Stinger sliced its arm off.[6]


He and other heroes tried to stop Jumping Spider together, but were easily blown away by the creature because of a misunderstanding of the monster's real capability.[7]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Stinger is a high ranked A-Class hero and can be considered to be decently powerful. He is able to defeat ten Disaster-Level Tiger monsters on his own (albeit receiving heavy injuries in the process), and, together with Lightning Genji, managed to heavily injure a child Grizzly Nyah, a Demon Level monster. When he was scanned by Okame-Chan he scored 1600 which makes him stronger than Darkness Blade and a bear, but weaker than Great Philosopher who he out ranks. Like his fellow top 10 A-Class heroes his power is presumably borderline S-Class.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Strength: Stinger's thrusts have enough power behind them to mutilate and kill members of the Seafolk as well as sever the arm of a child Grizzly Nyah.

Fighting StyleEdit

Expert Spearsman: Stinger is very adept with a spear and has been shown to be able to take down multiple Seafolk, a considerable feat considering their disaster level of Tiger, although, he did this with some difficulty.


Stingers using his spear

  • Gigantic Drill Stinger (ギガンテイシクドリルスティンガー, Gigantikku Doriru Sutingā): Stinger thrusts his spear forward. At this point, the tip of his spear begins to spin and is capable of ripping completely through and enemy.
  • Quadruple Thrust (四連突き, Shirentsuki): After spinning his spear in a helicopter motion to launch himself in the air, Stinger makes four powerful strikes of his Gigantic Drill Stinger almost instantaneously.[8]


Bamboo Shoot: Stinger wields a large spear with a black handle and a spearhead that (in its initial appearance) has an overlapping pattern on it, similar to the abdomen of a bee, and is later shown to be less decorated and instead being rather wobbly, similar to a bamboo shoot.

  • Spears initial appearance (Manga)
  • Spears initial appearance (Anime)
  • Spears true form (Manga)
  • Spears true form (Anime)
  • Spear Spinning
  • Gigantic Drill Stinger
  • Spear Spinning Gigantic Drill Stinger
  • Quadruple Thrust

Hero RatingEdit

Stinger's rating determined by the Hero Association[1]:

Ability Type Strength Intelligence Justice Endurance Speed Popularity Effectiveness Fighting Ability

Major BattlesEdit

Extra BattlesEdit


Stinger difference

The difference in drawings

  • Stinger was originally designed wearing a vest, sash, and a metal plate, but was redrawn by Murata wearing just the black suit, to resemble the original design in the webcomic.


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