Speed-o'-Sound Sonic vs. Deep Sea King
Location J-City
Outcome Sonic retreats
Sonic Deep Sea King
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Wind Blade Kick
Sea King
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Body Moray
  • Water Empowerment
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Sonic is uninjured, but he lost his clothing. Deep Sea King is uninjured
Previous Puri-Puri-Prisoner vs Deep Sea King
Next Deep Sea King vs All-Back Man, Jet Nice Guy, Bunbunman and Sneck
Sonic vs Deep Sea King is the battle between the assassin Speed-o'-Sound Sonic and the demon level monster Sea King.

Battle Edit

Sonic attacks Sea King anime

Sea King attacks Sonic but Sonic dodges and counters with wind blade kick. Sea King unleashes his Moray which rips Sonic's shirt but Sonic forcibly closes Sea King mouth cutting off moray. Sea King then proceeds to attack but Sonic dodges every attack. Sonic then counters with his own barrage of attacks and jumps up a building. Sea King then attacks with Sonic noting his speed increased. Sea King is shown to have transformed due to the rain increasing his size and abilities and he stated that Sonic's attacks were completely ineffective. The scene shifts to Sonic attempting to escape the newly empowered Sea King. It appears that Sea King captured Sonic but it is revealed that Sonic ditched his clothes and escapes vowing to gather weapons and come back to kill Sea King.