Sneck, All Back-Man, Jet Nice Guy and Bunbunman vs. Deep Sea King
Location J-City Shelter
Chapter(s) 24, 25
Episode(s) 8
Outcome Deep Sea King is victorious
Heroes Monster Deep Sea King
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • "Biting Snake Fist"

All Back-Man

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat

Jet Nice Guy

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
Deep Sea King
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
Damage Sustained/Casualties
The heroes are heavily injured Deep Sea King is uninjured
Previous Speed-o'-Sound Sonic vs. Deep Sea King
Next Genos vs. Deep Sea King

Sneck, All Back-Man, Jet Nice Guy and Bunbunman vs. Deep Sea King is a fight between the heroes Sneck, All Back-Man, Jet Nice Guy and Bunbunman and the monster Deep Sea King.


The Deep Sea King began his invasion on land along with the Seafolk's. The monster managed to defeat Stinger and Lightning Max, two A-Class heroes a later defeated S-Class hero Puri-puri Prisoner. After defeating the heroes the Deep Sea King sparred with Speed-o'-Sound Sonic and managed to overpower him. Sonic then retreated from the fight.

Though the Sea King didn't mind Sonic leaving and decided to search for people in the J-City shelter and crashed through the wall. Inside the shelter was All Back-Man who tried to negotiate with the monster, to buy some time for the heroes, but only ended up peeing himself. However, the heroes Jet Nice Guy, Bunbunman and Sneck revealed themselves amongst the crowd and prepared to fight the monster.


Jet Nice Guy charges at Sea King, but is effortlessly torn in half. Bunbunman yelled that the monster killed the heroe, but Sneck reasured him that Jet Nice Guy is a cyborg and may not be dead. Sneck, Bunbunman and All Back-Man prepare to charge, but Sea King knocks Bunbunman and All Back-Man back. Sneck managed to dodge the attack, but while mid-air he was struck into a wall. Genos arrives soon after and continues the fight.


Because of the incident, All Back-Man decided to quit the Hero Association, while Sneck was sometimes later promoted to A-Class Rank 37. Bunbunman still continues to be a hero, as does, Jet Nice Guy after being repaired.