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Smile Man


Smile Man

Race Human
Gender Male Male
Status Alive
Weapons Kendama
Occupation Hero
Level A-Class
Rank 27
Affiliation Hero Association
Manga Debut Chapter 20
Anime Debut Episode 1

Smile Man (スマイルマン, Sumairuman) is an A-Class Rank 27 professional hero for the Hero Association.


Smile Man is a man who wears a red body suit with a black mask. He has a smiley face on his body suit and on his belt.


Introduction SagaEdit

Saitama Introduction ArcEdit

Smile Man arrives at A-City with Lightning Max to fight Vaccine Man, but is utterly defeated.[1]

Hero Association SagaEdit

Rumored Monster ArcEdit

Smile Man and many other heroes decided to head to Z-City to investigate the rumored monster of the city after Golden Ball and Spring Mustache were defeated, but he came to the scene after it was already beaten by Saitama.[2]

Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Raid ArcEdit

Smile Man is struggling against Fist Fight Djinn, until Bang and Bomb come to lend a hand.[3]

He is one of many heroes who attempts to help defeat Hundred-Eyes Octopus before Flashy Flash shows up.[4]

Abilities and PowersEdit

As an A-Class hero, it can be assumed that Smile Man is a highly capable individual.

Physical AbilitiesEdit


Smile Man with his weapon.

Enhanced Durability: Smile Man was able to take a hit from Fist Fight Djinn, a Demon-level Mysterious Being, receiving only moderate injuries.


Kendama: He was seen wielding a kendama-like weapon with a smiley face on its ball. He is presumably skilled in wielding it.

Major Battles Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Smile Man has never appeared in the original webcomic.
  • Despite his hero name, Smile Man has actually never smiled within the series.


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