Smile Man (スマイルマン, Sumairuman) is an A-Class Rank 27 professional hero for the Hero Association and a member of the Surly Brothers.


Smile Man is a man who wears a red body suit with a black mask. He has short brown hair. He has a smiley face on his body suit and on his belt.


Smile Man is a realist, who is aware of the Hero Association's ranking and the attitudes of the heroes who usually join it. He's not arrogant, very cautious, and calm individual as he wasn't agitated when he was suddenly attacked by a Demon-leveled Fist Fight Djinn.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As an A-Class hero, it can be assumed that Smile Man is a highly capable individual. He easily defeated a Demon level threat with help from his brothers.

Physical AbilitiesEdit


Smile Man with his weapon.

Enhanced Durability: Smile Man was able to take a hit from Fist Fight Djinn, a Demon-level Mysterious Being, receiving only moderate injuries.

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Smile was able to dodge a freezing attack from the Withered Sprout.

Fighting StyleEdit

Kendama Combatant: Smile Man uses his kendama in combat to perform mid-ranged attacks. His secret moves are all based on tricks with the kendama. He can freely control the kendama for both attack and defense.[2]

  • Round-the-World Beatdown (地球, Chikyū): He moves the kendama in a wide motion, smashing everything in the vicinity.[1]
    Round-The-World Beatdown
  • World-Shattering Spin (地球破壊回し, Chikyū Hakai-mawashi): Smile Man launches his kendama with a spin at incredible speeds.[3]


Kendama: He was seen wielding a gigantic kendama weapon with a smiley face on its ball. He is very skilled in wielding it.[4]

Trivia Edit

  • Despite his hero name, Smile Man has actually never smiled within the series. Rather, he maintains a blank, emotionless face, much like Saitama and Watchdog Man.


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