Smile Man (スマイルマン, Sumairuman) is an A-Class Rank 27 professional hero for the Hero Association and a member of the Surly Brothers.


Smile Man is a man who wears a red body suit with a black mask. He has short brown hair. He has a smiley face on his body suit and on his belt.


Smile Man is a realist, who is aware of the Hero Association's ranking and the attitudes of the heroes who usually join it. He's not arrogant and also very cautious.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As an A-Class hero, it can be assumed that Smile Man is a highly capable individual. He easily defeated a Demon level threat with help from his brothers.

Physical AbilitiesEdit


Smile Man with his weapon.

Enhanced Durability: Smile Man was able to take a hit from Fist Fight Djinn, a Demon-level Mysterious Being, receiving only moderate injuries.

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Smile was able to dodge a freezing attack from the Withered Sprout.

Fighting StyleEdit

Kendama Combatant: Smile Man uses his kendama in combat to perform mid-ranged attacks. His secret moves are all based on tricks with the kendama. He can freely control the kendama for both attack and defense.[2]

  • Round-the-World Beatdown (地球, Chikyū): He moves the kendama in a wide motion, smashing everything in the vicinity.[1]
    Round-The-World Beatdown
  • World-Shattering Spin (地球破壊回し, Chikyū Hakai-mawashi): Smile Man launches his kendama with a spin at incredible speeds.[3]


Kendama: He was seen wielding a gigantic kendama weapon with a smiley face on its ball. He is very skilled in wielding it.[4]

Trivia Edit

  • Despite his hero name, Smile Man has actually never smiled within the series. Rather, he maintains a blank, emotionless face, much like Saitama and Watchdog Man.


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