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Sitch (シッチ, Shicchi) is the Minister Officer of Justice for the Hero Association


Sitch's appearance is reminiscent of a regular business man. He's rather small for a man and also a seemingly middle-aged individual. He has a bulbous nose and gray hair which accent his middle agedness.


Sitch is shown to be a calm man and very smart due to his position. But is prone to panicking when things take a drastic turn for the cataclysmic, he's the only one to see Garou as a threat to the Hero Association and Humanity. He strongly believes in the "God Level Threat prophecy" and that Garou is a contender to fulfill the prophecy.[2]


Hero Association SagaEdit

Rumored Monster ArcEdit

Garou Exit

Sitch's fear

Sitch is first seen in the Rumored Monster Arc discussing about the investigations although his name is not revealed until later.[3]

Alien Conquerors ArcEdit

Sitch is seen during the Dark Matter Thieves invasion organizing a meeting with the S-Class heroes to warn them about the "God Level Class threat prophecy". After the initial attack he disappears when the heroes go to fight the alien invaders.

Human Monster SagaEdit

Garou Introduction Arc Edit

He later appears for a meeting with the villains of the underground to discuss the possibility of an alliance.[4] However Garou shows up to cause havoc and severely injures everyone within except Sitch, only to tell him he will return in three months to destroy the Hero Association.

The Blizzard Group ArcEdit

He's later seen trying to convince the Hero Organization to organize a counter measure against Garou, only to be disregarded and the issue brushed aside after a mere fifteen minutes, his colleagues reasoning that Garou is only a human and therefore could not be what the prophecy was referring to.[5]


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