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Shiyuukaijī (臭蓋爺, Shiyuukaijii)[1] is the oldest prisoner at Smelly Lid Prison.


Shiyuukaijī is an elderly man with a large nose an many missing teeth. He wears a standard prison uniform along with a small hat.


Shiyuukaijī being the longest in prison, takes great pleasure in watching new prisoners suffer, but like other prisoners has a great fear of Puri-Puri-Prisoner


Human Monster SagaEdit

Super Fight ArcEdit

A cat-like monster broke into Smelly Lid Prison searching for Puri-Puri-Prisoner. Shiyuukaijī and the other prisoners question the monsters motives.[2]

Appearances in Other MediaEdit



When Speed-o'-Sound Sonic entered the prison and examining the structure, Shiyuukaijī warned him there is no escape, no morals and no salvation in prison, gleefully stating he saw many prisoners losing their mind and couldn't wait for the same thing happening to Sonic. After Sonic defeated a prisoner and causing a commotion, which woke up their boss, Shiyuukaijī explained the situation and admitting he is afraid of their boss.[3]


(To Sonic) "That proud face will contort when it hits bottom!! Just imaginin' it makes me droolin'! HEE HEE!"


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