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Senior Centipede
Senior Centipede Profile
Race Mysterious Being
Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
Location S-City
Level Demon
Partner(s) Junior Centipede
Manga Debut Chapter 54

Senior Centipede (ムカデ先輩, Mukade Senpai) was a Mysterious Being that appears after Metal Bat defeats Junior Centipede and Human Bird Grass.


Senior Centipede is as his name implies, an extremely large centipede. Unlike Junior Centipede, he is completely armored and is also completely black. He has several armor layers covering his face and has two sets of eyes as well as two noses.


He is rather confident in his abilities. He has a rather sadistic nature when he believes he has the advantage against an opponent.


Sometime in the past, he met Junior Centipede and ever since then has grown to have a close bond with the other centipede monster.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Raid ArcEdit

Senior Centipede Emerge

Senior Centipede emerges

Before Metal Bat could finish Junior Centipede off, Senior Centipede erupted from the ground. Senior Centipede forced Metal Bat, the Hero Association's sponsor, and the sponsor's child out of the restaurant. Outside, Rafflesidon emerged from the ground and started releasing sleeping gas. The sponsor and the sponsor's child immediately fall unconscious.[1] Metal Bat is left to fight two Demon level monsters, three if Garou were to join the fight as well.

While Senior Centipede and Rafflesidon fight Metal Bat, Metal Bat comes under hypnosis when Rafflesidon releases some gases. Senior Centipede then proceeds to continuously attack Metal Bat, but Metal Bat eventually comes out the hypnotic state. Senior Centipede is then defeated by Metal Bat with one strike.

Abilities & PowersEdit

Given his status as demon level threat and the fact that he was able to give S-Class hero Metal Bat some difficulty, Senior Centipede was a very powerful monster.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Centipede March
Immense Strength: Senior Centipede possesses great strength. He was able to knock Metal Bat around and launch him many meters.

Immense Speed: Senior Centipede is able to maneuver around during battle at extreme speeds. It also has the ability to to dig under the ground at high speed.

Fighting StyleEdit

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Senior Centipede uses its size, strength and speed during combat. It also seems to prefer close-quarters combat.

  • Large Centipede March (百足大行進, Mukade-dai Kōshin): Senior Centipede surrounds a target and deals damage from all angles. He uses this attack against Metal Bat.[2]

Major Battles Edit

  • Senior Centipede vs Metal Bat
  • Senior Centipede vs Garou


  • Senior Centipede first appeared in the original ONE's work, fighting with Garou in the same chapter, soon defeated.
  • Unlike his counterparts he actually appeared in the webcomic.


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