Saitama vs. Crablante
Saitama vs. Crablante
Arc Saitama Introduction Arc
Event Saitama's first hero act
Outcome Saitama is victorious. Crablante is killed
Saitama Crablante
Abilities and Techniques
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Scissor Punch
Webcomic Chapter 2
Manga Chapter 2
Anime 1
List of Fights
Previous Saitama vs. Piggy Bancon (Off screen)
Next Saitama vs. Personification Of A Light Pull Cord

Saitama vs. Crablante is a fight between the future hero Saitama and the Tiger level monster Crablante.


Saitama and Crablante

Crablante spares Saitama's life

Saitama stands before Crablante, who seems surprised that he is not running in fear like the other people. Saitama sighs and Crablante comes to the conclusion that Saitama is a salary man and due to the fact that he isn't running, he must want to die. Saitama agrees with that but states that he is, in fact, unemployed and is on a job hunt and that he had already been rejected from a job that morning. Saying that he has lifeless eyes like himself, Crablante decides to spare his life, stating that his real prey is a child with a cleft chin.

While Saitama is walking across the street, he encounters the Split-Chinned Kid Crablante was talking about. He debates on whether or not he should even expend the energy to save him, but once Crablante is in sights and attempts to attack the child, Saitama jumps in and saves the child from his attack.


Saitama tells the kid to escape, however the child wants to get his soccer ball. Just as he finishes his sentence, Crablante pops the ball with his foot. Crablante is rather surprised that Saitama came to save the kid just after seeing him, and asks him why he saved him.

Saitama fights Crablante

Saitama urges Crablante to give him everything he's got

Saitama attempts to calm him down and asks why he wants to kill him. He responds by stating he has killed many more people for a lot less, and shows him the ridiculous nipples he drew on his chest, further describing his aggravation by saying he cannot even remove the markings. Crablante points his claw at Saitama, antagonizing him by saying if he gets in his way, he'll make sure he never goes job hunting again. To his surprise, Saitama begins chuckling out loud, with Saitama saying Crablante reminds him of a villain in an anime he used to watch as a child.

Infuriated by his nonchalant comment, Crablante smacks Saitama, sending him flying into a nearby concrete shed. Crablante then focuses his attention back on the child, but just as he is about to end his life, a rock his thrown at Crablante's face. He turns around, seeing a weakened but still breathing Saitama, who tells him he won't let Crablante kill a child with this age of declining birth rates.

Crablante pummeling Saitama

At that moment, Saitama has an epiphany. He remembers how he always wanted to be a hero as a child, so he could send rotten villains like Crablante flying away with a single punch. Filled with newfound determination, Saitama pulls his tie off his collar and tells him to bring it on. Deeming him a pathetic excuse of a hero, Crablante beings to pummel him around with a series of powerful punches, causing blood to spew from him mouth and forehead.

Saitama kills Crablante

Saitama pulls Crablante's eye out of it's socket

However, just as Crablante is about to land the seemingly finishing blow, Saitama jumps and propels himself above Crablante using Crablante's claw as a propellant, and wraps his tie around Crablante's right eye. He tugs with all of his might, causing all of Crablante's inner organs to be pulled along with his eye. A torrent of yellow blood then spews from Crablante, while Saitama victoriously stands over Crablante, the first Mysterious Beings he defeated in his life.

Aftermath Edit


Saitama's inner willpower burns in his eyes

This is perhaps the most important and monumental battle of the entire series. While not particularly earthshaking, it is in this battle that Saitama decides to become a hero and embark on a relentless and bone crushing training regiment, and from that, the most powerful hero known in existence is born. Not only that, but after hearing about this incident, the boy's grandfather Agoni founded the Hero Association.


  • The battle between Saitama and Crablante lasted 4 Minutes 35 Seconds.[1]


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