Type City
Manga Debut Chapter 51

S-City (S市, S Shi) is a city within the world of OnePunch-Man.


Mouse SushiEdit

Mouse Sushi is a popular sushi restaurant. Saitama, Narinki, Waganma and Bad have all eaten there.

S City Nature ParkEdit

A public nature park in S-City. The park is incredibly large, larger than even Elder Centipede.





Human Monster SagaEdit

Hero Hunt ArcEdit

Junior Centipede and Venus Mantrap emerge from underneath the Mouse Sushi to kidnap a sponsor of the Hero Association, but they are stopped by Metal Bat.

Monster Raid ArcEdit

After defeating Junior Centipede and Human Bird Grass, Metal Bat is faced with fighting two Demon level monsters Senior Centipede, and Rafflesidon. The city is set in high alert during this battle. After the defeat of the Demon monsters, Elder Centipede emerges and wrecks havoc throughout the city. Citizens are alerted to evacuate the city and in moments stops functioning.[1] Elder Centipede flings Bad across the city. Garou shows up and fights Metal Bat to a draw. Metal Bat collapses from exhaustion.

Monster Association ArcEdit

Garou returns to the city to rest but is pursued by waves of heroes until the Monster Association comes to his rescue. Elder Centipede emerges once again and begins creating destruction. However, the monster is ultimately destroyed by the heroes.[2]


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