Royal Ripper (キリサキング, Kirisakingu) is a Mysterious Being mentioned in a catalog book.


Royal Ripper is a humanoid monster covered in mummy wrappings who has huge blades in place of his hands.


Royal Ripper is a sadistic monster. He is shown to get excited over cutting apart anything, enemies as well as allies. He is very into children and Black Sperm was not surprised when Royal Ripper disappeared with Busaiku, remarking that "He couldn't hold back his urges".


Human Monster SagaEdit

The following section contains Webcomic spoilers. You have been warned manga-only readers.

Monster Association ArcEdit

He was sent by the Monster Association, together with Senior Centipede and The Bug God, for the purpose of saving Garou from the incursion perpetrated against him by Bang and Bomb (and also Genos that was fighting him at the scene). After Garou was appointed by the Association to kill 100 humans to prove his monsterish nature, The Bug God, Royal Ripper and Senior Centipede followed the human monster to watch over his actions; when they discovered that Garou didn't want to abandon his humanity and was also defending a little kid, Busaiku, they attacked him and tried to kill the child.

After a hard battle, Senior Centipede was killed and The Bug God and Royal Ripper defeated Garou, but moments before they could finish him they were recalled by Psykos to the base because of the attack on the Monster Association from the Heroes Association. Royal Ripper brought Busaiku back to the Monster Association headquarters to vent his blood lust on him, instead of killing some random ally. During the attack on the Monster Association, since he could wait no longer, Royal Ripper began his torture on the poor kid, but before he could lay a finger on him, Garou entered the scene, determined to save Busaiku, and after taking some damage from Royal Ripper's attacks, he beheaded the cruel monster.

Abilities & PowersEdit

Being a demon level threat, Royal Ripper is a rather powerful monster.

Physical AbilitesEdit

Immense Speed & Reflexes: Royal Ripper managed to land an attack on Garou despite the latter having the surprise element.

Enhanced Strength: Along with two other Demon level monsters, he was able to defeat Garou.

Fighting StyleEdit

Expert Swordsman: Royal Ripper is extremely skilled with the blade.


  • He shows up at dawn to assault children.[1]


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