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Raiden (ライデン, Raiden) is a Super Sumo champion and a member of the Neo Heroes.


Raiden is a very large and muscular man with black hair and dark eyes. He sports the traditional rikishi appearance, complete with a white fundoshi and a chonmage topknot haircut.


Raiden is adamant about not joining the current Hero Association, instead he prefers to create the Neo Heroes with the Hunters.


When he was an active professional Super Sumo wrestler, Raiden fought and won 700 consecutive fights, becoming the Super Sumo Yokozuna and gaining a reputation as the strongest wrestler of all.

Because of that, many times he was visited by scouts sent by the Hero Association with the request to join them as a professional S-Class Hero, and many times he refused the offer.


Fall of the Hero Association ArcEdit

Raiden was once again approached by a Hero Association scout with yet another offer to join their ranks, but the yokozuna once again refused their offer. This time Raiden revealed to the scout that he was already part of the Neo Heroes, which is the new hero organization that is set to replace the current Hero Association as the defenders of mankind.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Raiden is known to have a "strength that surpasses knowledge", prompting the Hero Association to repeatedly invite him to join them as an S-Class Hero.