Power Core
Type Power supply
Owner(s) Dark Matter Thieves
Manga Debut Chapter 33
Anime Debut Episode 10

The Power Core (動力球, Dōryoku-kyū) is the source of power for the Dark Matter Thieves' mother ship.


Hero Association SagaEdit

Alien Conquerors ArcEdit

During the attack of the Dark Matter Thieves, the Power Core kept their mother ship hovering above A-City. It was later destroyed after Boros' defeat by Saitama, causing the ship to crash down in an explosion.


As the Power Core is the source of power for the mother ship, it can be assumed that it can supply immense amounts of energy.

According to Boros, the mother ship will not crash down as long as the Power Core stays intact, regardless of how much damage the ship takes. This suggests that the source of the ship's levitational ability and all of its components has its roots set in the Power Core.