Pig God (豚神, Butagami) is the S-Class Rank 10 professional hero for the Hero Association.


Pig God is a large, obese man with several layers of fat. He has short brown hair, big lips and wears a long-sleeved green shirt.


He appears to be a glutton, as he was constantly seen eating during the S-Class meeting. He is also very direct, or simply lazy, as he crashed through a building rather than go around it and speaks in a blunt fashion.

Unlike many other heroes in the series, Pig God possesses a strong sense of duty, as he escaped his hospital to ensure that all monsters were defeated after the Monster Association incident despite still being heavily injured himself. In fact, he ate one of the previously unkillable monsters to make sure it wouldn't hurt anyone, despite it causing him serious physical harm in the process.

He is also rather concerned for the well-being of others, going out of his way to protect Atomic Samurai's disciples and later requesting that another hero be treated for his injuries even though he was hunting Evil Natural Water.


Hero Association SagaEdit

Alien Conquerors ArcEdit

Pig God is first shown at the S-Class Hero Association meeting eating hamburgers.[2]

Human Monster SagaEdit

Super Fight ArcEdit

After Eyesight managed to find Child Emperor, Pig God arrives through a building to aid him. Eyesight managed to bite him several times with her venomous snakes, but it had no effect on him and he eats the monster. Pig God decides to go after the other monsters in Y-City afterwards.[3]

Original WebcomicEdit

Webcomic notice The following section contains Webcomic spoilers. You have been warned, manga-only readers.

His opponent consuming abilities were revealed in this arc, during his battle with Great Food Tub. During the fight, he states that there is an inner power in him that he says he should use as a last resort. This might be because he can only use it once. He is defeated later in the fight.

Psychic Sisters ArcEdit

He escapes from the hospital in order to find a monster. The hero Air tries to fight him but is nearly killed by the monster Evil Natural Water. Pig God swallows the monster and digests it.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


The Murder Case that Is Too ImpossibleEdit

Pig God eating rice

Pig God eating

Pig God and other S-Class heroes were invited to a hot spring resort, after the Dark Matter Thieves failed invasion. While at the hot spring, he was questioned by Metal Bat about his whereabouts, only to state he left because he was hungry. When Zombieman was found murdered and Child Emperor was trying to find the culprit, Pig God was eating.[4]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Not much is known of Pig God's abilities. However, since he is an S-Class hero, it can be assumed that he is rather powerful. Like other heroes of that class, he is able to defeat a Disaster Level Demon Mysterious Being on his own, as he proved with his swift and effortless victory against The Great Food Tub. However, he was unable to defeat Dragon-level monsters such as Gums, and was defeated in a single blow from Awakened Garou.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Pig God eating

Pig God eating Eyesight.

Inhuman Digestive System: Pig God has the ability to digest swallowed monsters almost instantly.[5] He also seems to have complete control over his digestive system, since, despite the strength of his gastric acid, he was able to store Atomic Samurai's three disciples safely in his belly and spit them out unharmed (save for their previous injuries) and digest the monster Evil Natural Water.

Immense Strength: Pig God was able to force Gums, a Disaster Level Dragon Mysterious Being, to spit him out after swallowing him. He managed to briefly go toe-to-toe against the monster, but ultimately lost rather quickly. Later, he burrowed through a large amount of rubble and reached the surface. He can easily shove aside debris as large as he is with only one arm.

Immense Durability: Pig God's body is more resistant than normal due to the many layers of fat that protects his internal structure as Gums was unable to bite through it, although he still suffered heavy injuries. Even Garou in his evolved state wasn't able to deal any lasting damage.

  • Poison Immunity: Due to the several layers of fat underneath his skin Pig God was immune to Eyesight's poison as the immense amount of fat prevented the poison from getting to his blood vessels.[6]

Immense Endurance: In spite of the severe injuries inflicted to him first by two Disaster Level Dragon opponents, Pig God kept fighting against the Monster Association and Garou, showing few to no signs of being in pain. After swallowing a weakened Evil Natural Water and being pierced from the inside multiple times (at least nine), he refused to go to the hospital and simply walked away, planning to eat a hamburger.

Enhanced Speed: Pig God was noted to be able to move quickly despite his injuries and gargantuan weight. He managed to ingest Evil Natural Water before the monster could attack him. It's unclear if he is just as fast or much slower than other S-class heroes due to his large body frame.

Hidden Power: By his own claim, he hosts some sort of secret power inside of himself. It has never been specified what this power is, but given the fact that he chose not to use it even against multiple Dragon-level monsters, one could assume that this power is unbelievably strong, as he preferred to save it for the rumored God-level threat of Shibabawa's prophecy. Due to this, it can be inferred that said power is subjected to some limitations and Pig God is unable to use it as continuously as he wants.

Fighting StyleEdit

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Pig God is an extremely unconventional fighter. He tries to end confrontations with one attack by swallowing the opponent whole, seemingly aiding himself with his hands to restrain them. He rarely uses any tactics other than consuming opponents, wth the only time he actually used hand-to-hand combat being against Gums.

Hero RatingEdit

Pig God's rating determined by the Hero Association[1]:

Ability Type Stamina Intelligence Justice Endurance Power Popularity Effectiveness Fighting Ability Total

Major BattlesEdit

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Child Emperor and Pig God vs. Eyesight 67 None Win


Episode 2 Cameos

Pig God cameo appearance

  • Pig God appeared in Dr. Genus' computer screen in the House of Evolution.


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