Phoenix Man (フェニックス男, Fenikkusu Otoko) is a Mysterious Being who first appears during the attack in S-City accompanying Elder Centipede as an ally. He's a member of the Monster Association.

Appearance Edit

Phoenix Man is a tall bird which resembles a phoenix. He possess big white eyes and his most notable feature are human hands which he hides behind his feathers.

Personality Edit

He's the first friendly monster to appear, not attacking Garou despite his rude attitude against him. When Rhino Wrestler asked what he thought of his disaster level, he remarked that he didn't care. He also seems to be confident in his abilities. Phoenix Man is only the two monsters, him and Gyoro Gyoro, that dislikes the savagery of other monsters and prefers to deal with problems on a civilized manner, going further to ask Gyoro Gyoro to intervene and help Garou, despite him being a human. Phoenix Man will occasionally go to Gyoro Gyoro and ask it for advice and question about certain things, such as Gyoro Gyoro's decision to send Bug God and Royal Ripper to watch over Garou.

Phoenix Man is also one of the few monsters who appears to show some level of care for his allies. He proposed sending reinforcements to help his fellow monsters, but when it was ultimately denied, he did not argue against it. He would give advice to others, be it monsters or potential allies, that appear to be for their own benefit.

He also seems to have a good sense of judgment and keen intellect. As he was seen taking charge of the situation of their mission and instructing Rhino Wrestler, Sludge Jellyfish, and Elder Centipede. He was also able to figure out Metal Knight's robot was remote controlled and fighting it would only exhaust both him and his teammates.

He is shown to be fearful of Orochi since he plans to quit the Monster Association in case he fails to capture Garou after sacrificing most of the elite troops of the Monster Association. When he learns of Orochi's past and how he was once a human who went through countless sacrifices and gained immense strength, Phoenix Man wonders if he could become stronger too, imagining himself as the Monster King instead of Orochi, demonstrating a desire for power.

His personality is vastly different in the webcomic. In the webcomic, he is a typical monster with a high superiority complex, stating his strength to surpass a disaster level of Demon, and believing the Monster Association to be a mere stepping stone for him to be at the top of the world.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Raid ArcEdit

Phoenix Man is first seen in S-City accompanied by Sludge Jellyfish and Rhino Wrestler. The three monsters corner Mohican and Pineapple, who are carrying Narinki and his son Waganma.[1] He's seen watching the battle between Garou and Metal Bat, commenting Garou could be an useful asset.[2]

He later tries to invite Garou to join the Monster Association, but it's turned down. He says he'll overlook Garou's rude behavior this time and promises that they will meet again if Garou continues to hero hunt.[3]

After successfully capturing the child, Phoenix Man told Rhino Wrestler to retreat after explaining how fighting Metal Knight would only be in vain for both of them. Phoenix Man instructed a retreat to Elder Centipede, and him along with Rhino Wrestler were taken by the large Monster and burrowed underground.[4]

Super Fight ArcEdit

Phoenix Man took Waganma to the Monster Association headquarters and was commended by Gyoro Gyoro. He informed Gyoro Gyoro about monsters being cornered by heroes and asked if they should send reinforcement, but his request was declined.[5]

Monster Association ArcEdit


Phoenix Man on his way to save Garou.

During Garou's fight against his former teacher, Bang, and the latter's brother, Bomb, Pheonix Man is sent by Monster Association to rescue Garou with the assistance of Elder Centipede and other monsters.

After seeing Genos, Bang and Bomb's presence, he laments that he cannot approach them to grab Garou without risking death. Phoenix Man considered quiting the Monster Association and fleeing since he will be devoured by Orochi if he comes back empty-handed after sacrificing so many troops of the Association to capture Garou.

After Garou's recovery, Phoenix Man reveals to Garou that Bang, Bomb, Genos, and the rest of the heroes survived the battle with Elder Centipede.

During Royal Ripper and Bug God's observation of Garou, Phoenix Man questions Gyoro Gyoro on the purpose of sending combat types to observe Garou as both Royal Ripper and Bug God can decide to kill Garou if they being provoked enough. Gyoro Gyoro revealed that it was a test and to facilitate Garou's growth, stating that he needs to be ravaged both physically and mentally. Gyoro Gyoro in particular is excited to see what changes Garou will undergo as a result of experiencing monsters. Gyoro Gyoro reveals that Orochi was once a human that, after countless failures and sacrifices, became the ultimate being, much to the deep shock of Phoenix Man. Gyoro Gyoro created Orochi and that only it knows the secret trick of doing so. Gyoro Gyoro mentions that with the right nourishment, Garou has the potential of becoming a second Orochi, but that if he dies then he was never good enough.

While resting in his nest, he ponders that if Gyoro Gyoro could make Orochi become such a powerful monster, so could he. Therefore, he began to dream about being a monster king like Orochi.
Webcomic notice The following section contains Webcomic spoilers. You have been warned, manga-only readers.

During the Hero Association raid, he was killed by Child Emperor after he activates his utility backpack with hundreds of fighting tools that shreds Phoenix Man into pieces.


Gyoro GyoroEdit

While they hold different ranks in the Monster Association, Gyoro Gyoro and Phoenix Man share a mutual friendly relationship as fellow monsters. Phoenix Man follows Gyoro Gyoro's orders and Gyoro Gyoro praises Phoenix Man for his success. 

Phoenix Man is not afraid to discuss possible options and question Gyoro Gyoro's decisions. He is even allowed to enter Gyoro Gyoro's room with little complaint from Gyoro Gyoro.

Gyoro Gyoro has some level of recognition and respect for Phoenix Man. It is enough for him to reveal some secrets that he told no one else.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a Demon level monster, it's safe to assume that Phoenix Man is a powerful being. He also seemed to be unimpressed of Metal Bat's and Garou's strength. However, even with the assistance of his teammates, he stated that fighting Metal Knight's robot would wear him down.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Flight: As a bird, Phoenix Man has the ability to fly through the use of his wings.

Enhanced Strength: Phoenix Man possesses strong physical strength. With his wings, he can blow a powerful gust of wind that can knock Bang, Bomb, Genos, and Garou off their feet.

Fighting Style Edit

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Phoenix Man appears to mainly rely on his bird-like attributes and close-quarters combat.

  • Beak Attack (クチバシ攻撃, Kuchibashi Kōgeki): Phoenix Man attacks his opponent with his beak in the form of a piercing attack.

Miscellaneous Abilities Edit

Expert Strategist and Tactician: Phoenix Man takes into account the compatibility and abilities of his opponents, allies, and himself before any potential confrontation. This is first seen when he advised Rhino Wrestler against fighting Metal Knight. He further demonstrated this strategic mindset when he was deciding and waiting for the right time to rescue Garou and when comparing the abilities of Bang, Bomb and Genos against Elder Centipede's.


  • In the manga, Phoenix Man's role is expanded compared to the Webcomic.
    • Phoenix Man is one of the few monsters from the original Webcomic to be more prevalent to the story in the manga.
  • In the original storyboard of chapter 84, ONE gave Pheonix Man a technique called Phoenix Flare (フェニックスフレア, Fenikkusufurea), which Phoenix Man used to avoid Genos's barrage.[6]


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