Crunky chocolate bar featuring Saitama, Genos and Tatsumaki

Various One Punch Man merchandise are sold throughout its inception. There is the release of the DVD for the anime series and a series of Audio Books focusing on different characters. An encyclopedia, titled One-Punch Man: Hero Encyclopedia, has been released and translated into various languages. The manga has currently released 16 volumes in Japan.

Other official sanctioned products include figurines, key-chains, shirts, hoodies, bag, calendar eye mask, lighter, watch, hoodie, skateboard (no wheels), pen and more.[1]

One Punch Man has also collaborated with Lotte to produce a crunky chocolate bar featuring characters from the One Punch Man franchise.

Card GameEdit

Card game

One Punch Man Hacha Mecha

A card game called Hacha Mecha was released on the 21 November 2015 card game.[2]

The tutorial of the card game can be found here (Video in Japanese):

One Punch Man OSTEdit

The original soundtrack for the first season of One Punch Man, titled One Take Man, has been released on January 13, 2016.

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