One-Punch Man: Hero Perfection
Onepunch-Man Hero Encyclopedia
Title One-Punch Man: Hero Perfection
Author ONE
Illustrator Yūsuke Murata
Release date October 3, 2015
Publisher Shueisha
Pages 244

One-Punch Man: Hero Perfection (ワンパンマンヒーロー大全, Wanpanmanhīrō Taizen) is the first encyclopedia that went on sale on October 3, 2015.


The first encyclopedia contains information's about the heroes (their up to date ranks and data level), villains, monsters, battles and the general world of One-Punch Man. It also comes with a making of and interview with ONE and Murata, a quiz, a popularity poll for the techniques and scenes, and a fisherman extra chapter.

Monster Disaster Level Height (m)
Vaccine Man Dragon 2-18
Crabrante Tiger 2.5
Beefcake Demon 270
Subterranean King Demon 4
Subterranean People Tiger 2
Mosquito Girl Demon 2.6
Kamakyuri, Slugerous etc Tiger n/a
Carnage Kabuto Dragon 3.5-8.5
Konbu Infinity Tiger 1.89
Meteor (disaster) Dragon 200
Deep Sea King Demon 4-20
Groribas Dragon 8.2
Melzalgald Dragon 5-13
Geryuganshoop Dragon 6.8
Boros Dragon? 2.4
Tongue Stretcher Wolf 1.8
Giant Crow Demon 50
Piggy Bancon Wolf 2.2
Personification of a Light Pull Cord Tiger 2.6
Giant Snowman Demon 1000
Magicicada (nymph and adult) Demon 35 and 135
Demonic Fan Demon 1.7
Surprise-Attack Plum Demon 4
Grizzly Nyah Demon 20
G-4 Demon 10
Beast King Demon 7
Armored Gorilla Demon 3.1

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