One-Punch Man: Hero Encyclopedia
Onepunch-Man Hero Encyclopedia
Title One-Punch Man: Hero Encyclopedia
Author ONE
Illustrator Yūsuke Murata
Release date October 3, 2015
Publisher Shueisha
Pages 244

One-Punch Man: Hero Encyclopedia (ワンパンマンヒーロー大全, Wanpanmanhīrō Taizen) is the first encyclopedia that went on sale on October 3, 2015.


The first encyclopedia contains information's about the heroes (their up to date ranks and data level), villains, monsters, battles and the general world of One-Punch Man. It also comes with a making of and interview with ONE and Murata, a quiz, a popularity poll for the techniques and scenes, and a fisherman extra chapter. The information on the structure of the Heroes/Hero Association is provided. The information covers up to Volume 9. Genos provides commentary on various fights.

Monster Disaster Level Height (m)
Vaccine Man Dragon 2-18
Crablante Tiger 2.5
Beefcake Demon 270
Subterranean King Demon 4
Subterranean People Tiger 2
Mosquito Girl Demon 2.6
Kamakyuri, Slugerous etc Tiger n/a
Carnage Kabuto Dragon 3.5-8.5
Kombu Infinity Tiger 1.89
Meteor (disaster) Dragon 200
Deep Sea King Demon 4-20
Groribas Dragon 8.2
Melzargard Dragon 5-13
Geryuganshoop Dragon 6.8
Boros Above Dragon 2.4
Tongue Stretcher Wolf 1.8
Giant Crow Demon 50
Piggy Bancon Wolf 2.2
Personification Of A Light Pull Cord Tiger 2.6
Giant Snowman Demon 1000
Magicicada (Nymph and Adult) Demon 35 and 135
Demonic Fan Demon 1.7
Surprise-Attack Plum Demon 4
Grizzly Nyah Demon 20
G4 Demon 10
Beast King Demon 7
Armored Gorilla Demon 3.1

The length of time for a battle is provided as well.

Fight Length of time
Saitama vs. Vaccine Man 21 Seconds
Saitama vs. Crablante 4 Minutes 35 Seconds
Saitama vs. Beefcake/Marugori 1 Minute 15 Seconds
Saitama vs. Mosquito Girl 42 Seconds
Saitama vs. Beast King 58 Seconds
Saitama vs. Carnage Kabuto 1 Minute 13 Seconds
Saitama vs. Hammerhead 18 Seconds
Saitama vs. Speed-o'-Sound Sonic (Round 1) 57 Seconds
Saitama vs. Sneck 2 Seconds
Saitama vs. Genos 4 Minutes 33 Seconds
Saitama vs. Speed-o'-Sound Sonic: (Round 2) 42 Seconds
Saitama vs. Kombu Infinity 1 Second
Saitama vs. the Meteor 8 Seconds
Saitama vs. Tanktop Tiger 7 Seconds
Saitama vs. Tanktop Black Hole 13 Seconds
Saitama vs. Deep Sea King 8 Seconds
Saitama vs. Boros 5 Minutes 20 Seconds
King vs. Tongue Stretcher 10 seconds
Genos vs. G4 15 minutes and 34 seconds
King vs. The Giant Crow 4 seconds

Continuity Edit

  • Armored Chief Clerk is revealed to be a businessman who quit his job to become a hero and paid for his armor with his severance pay.
  • Jet Nice Guy won the lottery and he used his winnings to pay someone to turn him into a cyborg.
  • The origins of certain hero names are revealed:
    • Flashy Flash and Sneck chose their own hero names.
    • Bang's hero name comes from his hair color and fierce fighting power.
  • Lily is Fubuki's personal assistant.
  • Bang invented the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist while training under his brother Bomb.
  • Child Emperor teaches classes when he isn't a hero.
  • Spring Mustachio comes a rich family and works as a dishwasher when not working as a hero.

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