Type Scanning Device
Creator Child Emperor
Owner(s) Child Emperor
Manga Debut Numbers

Okame-Chan is a mask-shaped device created by Child Emperor.


A mask-shaped device capable of determining the physical strength of an individual. It scans the muscle mass and development of nerves, balancing it out with the weight of the scanned individual.

Power LevelsEdit

The power level values added to this page are coming from Child Emperor's device called Okame-Chan. The first version of the device has problems reading the strengths of subjects who are either too strong or too weak. It is discovered that the device has a crack in it, and Child Emperor admits that at the moment it has no real use in real combat. It measures pure physical ability and cannot quantify other strengths such as a telekinetic's psychic powers. Red Muffler was used as the control for the device, his level was set to 100. The crack in the device happened during the scanning of Saitama. It can be assumed that the device is overloaded when a person is too strong. Therefore, it is also assumed that the device can scan power aura of the person like the method of Boros to sense Saitama's power at the first glance. However, due to general misconception of King's power, Child Emperor assumed, that Saitama is weak and that King is the strong one.


Name Power Level Class Rank
Great Philosopher2442A-Class13
Child Emperor1880S-Class5
Darkness Blade759B-Class56
Red Muffler100C-Class89
* = Too low or exceeds 9999 (Okame-chan can only scan power levels up to 9999)
** = Cyborgs and Robots cannot be completely scanned.
*** = The device was broken during the scanning.

Mysterious BeingsEdit

Name Power Level Disaster Level
Jumping Spider6999 (Bottom) / 402 (Top)Demon


Name Power Level
A Bear905
Hero Association Staff Member22
* = Too low or exceeds 9999 (Okame-chan can only scan power levels up to 9999)