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The Pupil Who Is An Extremely Poor Talker
The Disciple Who's Bad At Talking
Title The Pupil Who Is An Extremely Poor Talker
Release date January 29, 2016

"The Pupil Who Is An Extremely Poor Talker" (話ベタすぎる弟子, Hanashibeta-sugiru Deishi) is an OVA of the One-Punch Man anime series.


Saitama gives Genos key

Saitama gives his keys to Genos

A story about Genos when he meets Don Pacino, a C-Class wanted criminal and his family in a warehouse along with a man who is being held captive by the gang. Don Pacino took Saitama's keys and asks Genos to reveal information about the man and in return he would give the keys back. Genos readily accepted the offer and tells him how important the keys were, he talks about the conversation between him and Saitama in a communal bath, discussing about the various sounds that would be fitting while taking a hot bath. After the conversation Saitama tells Genos to go home, he gives his room keys and warns him not to lose it. Genos waited for Saitama, while going home Saitama noticed a food store and decided to cook hot pot for dinner. He needed some ingredients so he took out leaflets and saw that there is sales for high quality chicken thighs in a supermarket, Genos suggested that if they split they could take the ingredients before it was over.

Genos defeats don

Genos defeats Don Pacino and saves the man

Genos headed to the two nearest supermarkets, until he spotted a monster and decided to eliminate the threat, and by the time he reached the supermarket the sales was already over. Upon hearing Genos's story Don was annoyed and demands Genos to tell him what business he has with the man who is Typhoon's No. 2 Family member. Genos continues his story telling them how he met them, after failing to reach the first sale on time he went to second shop and to his surprise it was closed, Genos encounters a man, a passerby and asks him as to why this shop was closed to which the man replied that Don Pacino forced all shop to close after he ransacked their place, when the man coughed and fell down Genos held him and the key slipped down from Genos's hand and Don Pacino entered the scene and takes them to their place. After hearing Genos's story Don realized that Genos was a passerby and had no connection with Typhoon family member, so he took out his guns and he and his gang shoots Genos with barrage of bullets, Genos unharmed incinerates them to black, leaving them alive and freed the man. After reaching home Genos tells Saitama about the incident of losing his keys and why he couldn't get the chicken, Saitama without hesitation calmly replied that he had spare keys, and they cooked dinner with meat that Genos bought as an alternative.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Don Pacino
  2. Genos
  3. Typhoon Family No. 2 Man
  4. Saitama