Narinki (ナリンキ, Narikin) is a high-raking executive and one of the primary sponsor of the Hero Association. His fund contributes to 7% of the operation at the association.[1] He is one the Hero Association's top three sponsors.[2] He is also a benefactor of The Organization.


Narinki is a short man that greatly resembles his son. He has large lips, big nose and light colored hair with his sideburns curled inwards. His attire consist of a light colored business suit and a polka dot bow tie.


Narinki is a man of expensive taste, yet was curious enough to try commoners sushi. He also greatly cares for his son and asked for S-Class heroes for protection. When the Hero Association prepares the operation plan to save his son, he is shown not to be a patient man to entrust them to save his son to the point of creating his own private rescue squad to take matter into his own hand.

He is shown to be generous enough to spare no expense to save his son since the reward money he gonna give his private rescue squad is large enough to make their grandchildren doesn't need to work. He also underestimates the power of the heroes in the Hero Association and monsters of the Monster Association.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Raid ArcEdit

Narinki and his son Waganma meet Metal Bat at a sushi restaurant, who is tasked to guard them from Garou. Though he expressed curiosity over commoners sushi, he always complained about the food, while allowing his son to disobey Metal Bat's warning. Shortly a rumble occurs and his son was taken hostage by Junior Centipede and Venus Mantrap. He begs Metal Bat to save his son.[3]

After Metal bat disposed of the monster, Narinki was delighted and took pictures of Metal Bat. They are later attacked by Senior Centipede and Rafflesidon who are members of the Monster Association. Narinki and his son were then knocked out by Rafflesidon gasses.[4] After Metal Bat defeated the monster, he ordered Pineapple and Mohican to take them both to the hospital, however Elder Centipede emerged through the ground and attempts to kidnap them.[5] As he was being carried by the Mohican, they were cornered by Elder Centipede, until Metal Knight came and draws the attention away from them. As the heroes carries them to safety, Rhino Wrestler, Phoenix Man and Sludge Jellyfish demands for Narinki and his son.[6] His son was later captured by the Monster Association and taken to their hideout, while he was left behind.[7]

Monster Association Arc Edit

Frustrated by the Hero Association's attempts to save his son, he recruits his own army to save his son with massive reward money. He equips them with the armor he believes that will surpass all heroes in the Hero Association taken from the Organization.


  • "Narinki" is a play of words of "Narikin" which means "upstart"
  • Like Hammerhead, he is also involved with the Organization.


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