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Monster Association

Mysterious Beings/Monster Association
Monster Association Icon
Leader Gyoro Gyoro
Webcomic Spoiler
Headquarters Unknown

The Monster Association (怪人協会, Kaijin Kyōkai) is a Mysterious Beings group led by Gyoro Gyoro and Monster King Orochi. Not much is known about it, except that they are the antithesis of the Hero Association.


Invitation Card

Monster Association's invitation card

The Monster Association is an unknown group first introduced to Garou by two members of the said organization. They tried to invite him but are turned down, despite being unlikely friendly. 

It's leader Orochi defeated the martial artist Gouketsu and recruited him as a member. 

There 3 primary objectives of the organization: strike fear to the human population through monster's rampage; kidnapping important hostages that are vital to the operation of the Hero Association and monsterize several powerful human to boost military strength of the organization. 

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The following section contains Webcomic spoilers. You have been warned manga-only readers. 

After Saitama defeats Garou, the organization collapses.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Raid ArcEdit

Several Members are sent out to take Hero Association members as hostages and rampage around the cities.

Super Fight Arc Edit

Gouketsu and the Three Crows hold the Super Fight stadium hostage and recruits 5 members who are promptly killed.

Monster Association ArcEdit

Members Edit

Webcomic and Manga DifferencesEdit


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