Mumen Rider vs. Deep Sea King
Arc Sea Monster Arc
Event Seafolk Invasion
Location J-City
Outcome Deep Sea King is victorious
Mumen Rider Deep Sea King
Abilities and Techniques
Mumen Rider
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Justice Crash
  • Justice Tackle
Deep Sea King
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
Webcomic Chapter 30
Manga Chapter 26
Anime Episode 9
List of Fights
Previous Genos vs. Deep Sea King
Next Saitama vs. Deep Sea King

Mumen Rider vs. Deep Sea King is the battle between the top Ranked C-Class hero Mumen Rider and the Demon level threat the Deep Sea King.


Justice Crash

Mumen Rider uses Justice Crash

After the Deep Sea King takes advantage of Genos' weakened state, the monster grabs Genos by the head and throws him into a nearby wall and then quickly follows-up with a devastating punch that sends Genos through the wall and out onto the street. Before the Deep Sea King could finish off Genos, he is attacked from behind by Mumen Rider.



Deep Sea King smashing Mumen Rider on the ground

Mumen Rider performs Justice Crash on the Deep Sea King, though it annoyed the monster it had no effect on him. Mumen Rider then tries to punch the monster, but the Deep Sea King simply grabs his arm and smashes Mumen Rider against the ground and throws him in the air. Thinking the fight was over the monster tries to finish off Genos, but Mumen Rider uses Justice Tackle. This angers the Sea King who then transform into his monstrous form and swats the hero away.


Mumen Rider being cheered on by the civilians

Mumen Rider refuses to give up, stating that, despite the fact that he is too weak to be a B-Class hero and that nobody is expecting him to win, he will not back down. Encouraged by cheers from the onlooking civilians, but the monster simply punches him in the air and Mumen Rider was caught by Saitama, who praised his resolve.


After Mumen Rider recovered, he met Saitama at an udon shop and revealed that he was the one who sent the thank you letter. He also congratulated Saitama for his promotion to B-Class and offered to treat Saitama to a meal.