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Mumen Rider vs. Deep Sea King
Location J-City
Chapter(s) 26
Outcome Deep Sea King is victorious
Mumen Rider Deep Sea King
Mumen Rider
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Justice Crash
  • Justice Tackle
Deep Sea King
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Mumen Rider is heavily injured Sea King is uninjured
Previous Genos vs Deep Sea King
Next Deep Sea King vs Saitama

Mumen Rider vs Deep Sea King is the battle between he top Ranked C-Class hero Mumen Rider and the Demon level monster Sea King.



Mumen Rider performs Justice Crash on Sea King but it has no effect on him. Sea King then smashes Mumen Rider against the ground and throws him in the air. Mumen Rider then uses Justice Tackle but is knocked back again. As the crowd cheers him on Mumen Rider tries to punch Sea King but is swiftly defeated and knocked into Saitama.



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