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Race Human
Gender Male Male
Status Alive
Location S-City
Occupation Hero
Level C-Class
Affiliation Hero Association
Partner(s) Pineapple
Manga Debut Chapter 55

Mohican (モヒカン, Mohikan) is a C-Class professional hero for the Hero Association.


Mohican's most stand out trait is his massive mohawk. He also has a tattoo of a star surrounding his eye as well as a choker befitting his punk rocker esque look.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Raid ArcEdit

After Metal Bat defeated the demon level monsters, Pineapple and Mohican arrive at the scene. Metal Bat asks them to bring the Hero Association's sponsor and the sponsor's son to the hospital so that he could finally help his sister with her shopping bags. However, Elder Centipede emerges from the ground. Mohican and Pineapple inform Metal Bat about the monster, stating that it previously wiped out a town and it is marked as a dragon level monster. Mohican and Pineapple are told to grab the sponsor and the sponsor's child and run, while Metal Bat prepares to go all out.[1]

After running from Elder Centipede for a while he and Pineapple run into a dead end of debris, but Bofoi arrives in time to save draw Elder Centipede's attention away from them. Bofoi tells the two to leave the location before going back to fight Elder Centipede. While continuing to try to leave the city, they are ambushed by three monsters. They are attacked and defeated by Rhino Wrestler.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Speed: He managed to get good amount of distance away from Elder Centipede when the latter got distracted by Metal Bat.[2]

Fighting StyleEdit

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: He appears to prefer hand-to-hand combat and fights using mohawk-themed attacks.

  • Mohi Cutter:
  • Mohi Punch:

Major Battles Edit

  • Mohican and Pineapple vs Rhino Wrestler


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