A martial artist is a fighter who battles by only using their body and attacks with only fists, kicks, and throws. They are all users of unarmed martial arts, unlike swordsmen who choose blade weapons for combat and marksmen who choose ranged weaponry.


Every six months, a tournament known as Super Fight is hosted at the C-City Super Stadium, where martial artists from acknowledged dojos can compete.[1]

List of Martial Art StylesEdit

Name Martial Art Style Status
BangWater Stream Rock Smashing FistActive
GarouWater Stream Rock Smashing Fist
Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist
CharankoWater Stream Rock Smashing FistActive
Sour FaceWater Stream Rock Smashing Fist (formerly)
Sour Face Style Martial Arts (currently)
BombWhirlwind Iron Cutting FistActive
BenpatsuHarsh Path StyleUnknown
SneckBiting Snake FistActive
MaxHyper KarateActive
BazuzuBazuzu Explosive FistActive
BakuzanDark Hell AssassinationDeceased †
ChozeThe Fist Of The Pure Blood Master RaceUnknown
DaveGiant Style CrushingActive
GatlinMulti Hit StyleActive
GouketsuUnknownDeceased †
HamukichiSunflower Dojo's Gentle Self DefenseUnknown
JakumenGiga Pro WrestlingActive
Lin LinPalm Bell FistActive
MentaiSpice FistActive
OrochiWater Stream Rock Smashing FistActive
RosiePsycho Analysis Martial ArtsDeceased †
SuiryuVoid FistActive
VoltenThunder Thunder FistUnknown
ZakosHead First Rushing StyleActive
Demonic PugilistUnknownDeceased †

Original WebcomicEdit

In the Original Webcomic, Garou was able to gain access to other fighting styles and techniques, just by witnessing them once:

Name Martial Art Style Status
GarouHeart-Blast Release Fist
Tiger Fang True Fist
Fire Dance Bullet Trail Fist
Purgatory Abyss Fist
Lake-Breaking Ice River Fist
Mountain Cordillera Road Fist
Ultimate Fist of the Yatagarasu
Pressure Point Killer Killer Fist
Poisonous Ogre Fist
Lone Fist of Takanori
Monster Calamity God Slayer Fist


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