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Magic Trick Man (テジナーマン, Tejināman) is an A-Class Rank 7 professional hero for the Hero Association,

Appearance Edit

Magic Trick Man is a young man wearing a cape, mask, and a Magician's top hat. He is accompanied by a pet Pigeon who perches on his left shoulder.

Plot Edit

Human Monster SagaEdit

Garou Introduction ArcEdit

Magic Trick Man is one of the three heroes, along with Blue Fire and Heavy Tank Fundoshi who guards Sitch as he presents a proposal to a large room filled with powerful criminals.

He's the first to try to engage Garou in combat by the orders of Sitch, but is beaten effortlessly by Garou.

Abilities & Powers Edit

Along with Blue Fire and Heavy Tank Fundoshi, according to Sitch, Magic Trick Man is comparable to S-Class in terms of fighting ability.

Fighting StyleEdit

Magic Tricks: Magic Trick Man uses an array of magic tricks to deceive and attack his opponents.

  • Rainbow Smoke Screen (七色煙幕, Nanairo Enmaku): Magic Trick Man releases smoke from his cane and then rapidly spins his cane to spread the smoke across the battlefield to blind his opponents.
  • Ferocious White Crows (獰猛白力ラス, Dōmō shiro-ryoku Rasu): Magic Trick Man releases dozens of birds from his hat that will attack his opponents for him and are able to see past his Rainbow Smoke Screen.
  • Magic Breath (マジックブレス, Majikkuburesu): Magic Trick Man blows some fluid in front of his opponent.

Hero RatingEdit

Magic Trick Man's rating determined by the Hero Association[1]:

Ability Type Strength Intelligence Justice Endurance Speed Popularity Effectiveness Fighting Ability

Major Battles Edit

References Edit

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Navigation Edit

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