Lightning Max vs. Suiryu
Suiryu vs Max
Location C-City Super stadium
Chapter(s) 62
Episode(s) N/A
Outcome Suiryu is victorious
Hero Lightning Max Martial Artist Suiryu
Lightning Max
  • Hyper Karate
  • Giant Wheel Double Heel Drop
  • Void Fist
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Lightning Max is knocked unconscious Suiryu is uninjured
Previous Fubuki and The Blizzard Group vs. Do-S
Next Genos vs. Face Ripper

Lightning Max vs. Suiryu is the match between the A-Class hero Lightning Max and the martial arts prodigy Suiryu.


Max and Suiryu both participate the Super Fight Tournament. This is the first time Lightning Max participated while it is the fifth time for Suiryu. After Max defeated Lin Lin, he surprised the audience because he was labeled a reverse seed, a contestant who was perceived weak. As Suiryu enters the arena, the audience is gleefully watching with anticipation and the Super Fight Announcer announces the fight between the contestants.

Max tries to picture Suiryu as the Deep Sea King so that he can overcome his fear. Max tells Suiryu that Suiryu's strength is minuscule compared to the monsters and as the referee executes the match and Max charges at Suiryu.


Suiryu vs. Max

Suiryu defeats Max

Max begins to tumble towards Suiryu and uses his new attack the Giant Wheel Double Heel Drop, but Suiryu easily outmaneuvers him and kicks Max to the edge of the ring, knocking Max out. This shocked the audience and the other competitors and Suiryu sarcastically apologizes for being too strong.


Suiryu managed to impress many, including Genos, who was observing the match.