Lightning Max vs. Deep Sea King
Arc Sea Monster Arc
Event Seafolk Invasion
Location J-City
Outcome Deep Sea King is victorious. Lightning Max is knocked unconscious.
Lightning Max Deep Sea King
Abilities and Techniques
Lightning Max
  • Hyper Karate
  • Lightning Kick
  • Flying Backwards Roundhouse Kick
Deep Sea King
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
Webcomic Chapter 25
Manga Chapter 24
Anime Episode 8
List of Fights
Previous Stinger vs. Seafolk
Next Puri-puri Prisoner vs. Deep Sea King

Lightning Max vs. Deep Sea King is the battle between the A-Class hero Lightning Max and the Demon level monster the Deep Sea King.


The Deep Sea King began his invasion on the surface of the Earth with his Seafolk. He arrived in J-City, where he struck A-Class hero Stinger for killing some of his henchmen. The city alarm announces that the disaster level of the Seafolk invasion has been raised to Demon. In addition, the citizens are advised to evacuate the city. As the Deep Sea King was walking down an empty street, Lightning Max was observing him from afar with a telescope. Lightning Max was contemplating whether he should fight the monster or wait for reinforcements. Suddenly the Deep Sea King sneaks up, startling Max and attack the monster with his Lightning Kick, but the attack has no effect at all.


Deep Sea King punches Lightning Max into a building. The building begins crumbling down and Lightning Max tries to escape, but is confronted once again by Sea King. In a desperate effort, Max unleashes his Flying Reverse Roundhouse Kick, but once again it has no effect on the Deep Sea King and he knocks out Lightning Max with a punch and sends him flying once again into the streets below where the building threatens to crush him.


Lightning Max is saved from the falling building by Puri-puri Prisoner. He is later recovering in the hospital with the other defeated heroes.