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The unnamed Landlord is the owner of the building where Saitama lived at.


She is a short, elderly lady with short grey hair and wrinkles. She wears a purple jacket over her yellow turtleneck and wears sandals.


Something of a cold blooded woman, she has absolutely no qualms about hosting a gang of criminals in her building so long as they pay their rents on time, and became enraged enough with Saitama for defeating the criminals for their bounties enough that she kicked him out after taking all of the money he earned.


Road to HeroEdit

She came to visit her tenant Saitama, to collect her rent. After Saitama tells her he would pay later, she informs him he hadn't paid his rent in three months and would kick him out if he doesn't quickly. After Saitama defeated some criminals, she angrily informs him that they were her tenents and main source of revenue and promptly kicks Saitama out on the streets.


  • Saitama mentioned that her apartment complex was untouched during the meteor attack.[1]


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