Relationships Edit

Bang Edit

Out of every hero in the Hero Association, Atomic Samurai only acknowledges and holds a deep respect for Bang. He once stated to Saitama that he only acknowledges the strong, which could be a reason for Atomic Samurai's respect to Bang, who is one rank above Atomic Samurai. His relationship with Bang is friendly, with a tad bit of rivalry between them, though this mild rivalry appears to be one-sided as Bang doesn't view Atomic Samurai as a rival. He also displayed concern for Bang when he was struck by Melzalgald.

Iaian Edit

Iaian is Atomic Samurai's best student and junior hero to his master. As a master, Atomic Samurai tries to maintain an image as a role model to his students, wanting Iaian to have faith in him and his abilities. He also looks out for Iaian's well-being. He made sure Iaian was alright during the Alien Invasion, encouraged him to not give up as a swordsman after losing his arm, and helped him run from the collapsing spaceship. Atomic Samurai also appears to treat Iaian casually, calling him by his nickname, 'Iai'.

Iaian holds respect to his master and also looks out for his well-being. He takes pride being Atomic Samurai's number one student, wanting to make his master proud by going after Garou by himself. Despite his admiration for his master, he gets annoyed at his master's habit of not listening to him.

Saitama Edit

Due to his pride for only acknowledging the strong based on current appearance and reputation, Atomic Samurai doesn't treat Saitama with proper mannerisms or respect due to not knowing his enormous strength.

Council of Swordmasters Edit

Atomic Samurai holds deep respect for his fellow swordmasters.

Sweet Mask Edit

Despite him being the reason his top disciples aren't in S-Class, Atomic Samurai thinks Sweet Mask is just a pompous blowhard, but admits his strength after seeing him fight Black Sperm.

King Edit

Kamikaze holds respect against King, however, he is not above challenging King to test his own strength. At the same time, he wants to know King's fighting style since he never witnessed King fight any monsters. However, he is also easily being swayed by King's nonsense bluffing. In the end, he eventually makes himself into a fool by assuming King's cowardice and lack of power as extreme power that can surpass him by foolishly concluding that King can cut an object at the cellular level despite the obvious fact King cannot even pull the katana out of the sheath to cut a simple apple.