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The Murder Case that Is Too ImpossibleEdit

Heroes in spring

Atomic Samurai at the hot spring

Atomic Samurai, his student Iaian and other S-Class heroes were invited to a hot spring resort, after the Dark Matter Thieves failed invasion. While enjoying himself at the hot spring, he wasn't satisfied that some of the heroes that did not participate in the battle were invited to the resort, but Bang managed to calm down the situation. The next day after the ceremony, the heroes find Zombieman murdered, stabbed in the back by Atomic Samurai's katana.

Atomic Samurai's sword

Atomic Samurai cleaning his katana

Child Emperor saw him as the primary suspect, but Atomic Samurai had many alibis including Tanktop Master and Sitch, so all suspicions were dropped. While the investigation wasn't progressing, Tatsumaki tried to restrain everyone, until Zombieman suddenly woke up. Zombieman later revealed that Atomic Samurai's katana was floating with green light surrounding it similar to Tatsumaki, when it stabbed him. Zombieman didn't care what happened the night prior and the heroes disbanded.[1]


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