Jumping Spider (ハエトリノ, Haetorino; Viz: Spiderino) was a Mysterious Being who changed after he didn't remove a spider that went into his ear.


Jumping Spider was a human who didn't remove a spider that went into his ear. This act, or lack of, caused him to turn into a monster.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit



Jumping Spider is disrupting Y-City when heroes come to stop him. Jumping Spider is eventually killed by Genos and Saitama. However, Child Emperor attributes the credit to King. Fubuki later kills off the remaining parasites from Jumping Spider's dead body.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Jumping Spider has been shown to possess impressive physical strength and speed, even surpassing those of A-Class heroes. His power level was read to be 6999 by Child Emperor's Okame-Chan.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Immense Strength: Jumping Spider was able to effortlessly knock back A-Class and S-Class heroes.

Jumping Spider Speed

Immense Speed: Jumping Spider was able to effortlessly dodge the attacks from multiple A-Class heroes.

Web Spinning: Jumping Spider is able to quickly spin webs, he has used this ability to disarm opponents.

Spider Parasite: Jumping Spider is able to release many small spiders from his body. It can be assumed that these spiders will create other "Jumping Spider"-like monsters if they infect a human. This ability persists even after death.


  • "Gu Chi Chi Chi Chi..."


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