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This page covers streams from 2017

Q - Questions by random stream audience

A - Answer from Murata regarding the question

T - From the translator himself

Murata - Whenever he speaks during the stream (Not answering any particular question)


Murata: Let's enjoy Suiryu facial expression.

Q: Someone asked sensei what sensei think about Gouketsu head being knocked off.

A: Hmmm how should I put it, that is Saitama sensei for you, sensei is truly amazing ~

Q: What? Gouketsu is dead?

A: Yep, usually it is better not to ask me this type of question. It would be best if you could just observe what's happening on screen.


  • 6 pages to go, 5 pages to go, 4 pages to go. Getting hungry, wanna eat something now.
  • I'm hungry, want to get something to eat.
  • I guess the hands and legs are all flew to other places as well.
  • BGM is from FF10, I guess the youngster now wouldn't know it.
  • This page is a double page, so only 2 pages to go.
  • Is it starting to lag again. It does nothing even when I restart, please be patient everyone, perhaps it would get better soon.
  • Oh, it's over 12 now, gonna notify new chapter of OPM will update today.
  • I think I can get it done on time, only 2 pages to go. But once you let your guard down something bad is gonna happen, so I complete everything in one go.
  • Finish! Wait I forgot the shading.
  • The arm looks weird. Oh right I haven't draw Suiryu wound on his body.
  • I want to get something to eat, but there's nothing in house, or should I go out to buy.
  • Overall that's all for now, RIP Gouketsu.
  • Let's check out what's left in the fridge.
  • Let's make some curry. See I found a love-shape potato, guess it's the sign for something good going to happen haha.

Q: Sensei is your knife sharp?

A: I often sharpen it.

T: You sharpen it yourself?

A: Yeah, otherwise you will cut your hand.

Murata: This muskmelon, you can eat the seed too, it taste like hami melon but slightly harder. It's not that sweet, but just right.

Q: Sensei what do you feel now after finish drawing?

A: It's not finish yet. Turn out I am making curry casually. Forget it, let's start drawing.

T: Why I feel like Suiryu's nipple should be higher up?

A: Sorry, I have the right to decide Suiryu's nipple position haha. Come on what I said was very normal, why are you guys keep saying BL about me and Suiryu. yeah right I'm the one who tear off his cloth too.

Q: After finish drawing is it passed to ONE sensei for checking?

A: Yes.

Murata: What happen to the comment section today hahaha, it feels weird hahaha.

Q: About what time is the new chapter going to update?

A: Hmmm 2 more pages left to go. My assistant is coming to work at 9 o'clock, he will draw the background, so I'd say around....anyway it will be update around tonight. If I'm telling you guys here it will be update on afternoon, everyone will be disappoint if I didn't make it. There's still sometime until the rice is done, so let's put the curry into it together for a while. The rice is done! Hahaha Suiryu says he wants to eat too.

Murata: The hair here is feeling weird.

Q: It's too long.

A: Oh let it be then. Don't care (laughs) Murata: 1 more page to go, page 39. End with a thank you, nice. Natto curry, looks like dark material, could it really taste good...hmm not bad, the bean is huge tho.

T: The natto must be made by sensei yourself.

A: Right, I made it from the soybeans I bought.

Murata: 2 o'clock in the morning, finally getting my dinner. It's too hot, let it cool down first, going online now. Actually I was worried I will get sleepy after eating everything. Oh crap I'm starting to get sleepy now. (Murata mentioned in one of his tweet once he getting sleepy he will start to clean the floor)

T: Sensei is sleepy, how about live streaming cleaning the floor?

A: Oh yeah, right, which piece should I start with?


  • Ok, I cleaned the floor on the kitchen and the corridor. Slightly awake now, after this page there are still few pages I want to redraw. But let's do it after I submit everything.
  • Isn't the head looks like it's from the LEGO? Hahaha.
  • Bakuzan should be standing here, isn't it fun hahaha. I accidentally let him fell down haha what should I do now. I've drawn few panels of Bakuzan lying on the ground, no time to redraw.
  • Oh dear, I wasn't paying enough attention on ONE sensei's storyboard. Gouketsu's eye popping out feels unnatural, let's redraw.
  • Thanks everyone for watching, after this panel my work is done, there are some panels I want to redraw, but I want to get a sleep first. Ok, let's end it, I'm reaching my limit. Feels good to draw everything summing up this arc's ending in this chapter. Goodbye.


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