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The Hunters (ハンターズ, Hantāzu) is a vigilante group that was established from people who lost their loved ones due to the attacks of Mysterious Beings. They are part of the Neo Heroes.


The purpose of the organization is to protect the citizens from Mysterious Beings independently from the Hero Association. Accel is the founder and current leader of the group.


The group had 53 powerful fighters that were able to take on Demon-level threats. However, after a battle, the group lost 5 fighters and now only has 48 members. They are one of the few groups of heroes that decided to establish a new hero organization since they consider the current one as corrupt and believe that they don't put the well-being of the citizens at heart anymore. The group is attempting to become the new hero association called the Neo Heroes and are recruiting new members like Raiden, and heroes who defected from the association to join their new hero organization.

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