Homeless Emperor (ホームレス帝, Hōmuresu Tei) is one of the few Dragon level monsters in the Monster Association. He is one of the main antagonists of the Monster Association Arc.


Homeless Emperor appears as a normal human being possessing long scruffy black hair and a short beard. He wears a crown and a cape.


Homeless Emperor has a messiah complex, believing it is his duty to exterminate humanity in order to save the planet and bring balance to nature. He believes he is above the lesser dealing of humans and that humans should be wiped out due to their self centered rules. He is also rather arrogant and egotistical, believing that he alone is capable of killing all the S-Class heroes and smugly taunts Zombieman during their battle.


Homeless Emperor was once a common man with a job. He was kicked out of his house and fired due to his boss forcing him to parade naked and being accused of sexual harassment. He became a homeless man. One month ago, Homeless Emperor was once a common tramp who encountered a mysterious divine entity, which he claims being "God", that gave him the incredible power of summoning energy spheres similar to little suns which explode at the first contact and create huge and flaming bursts. After receiving this power and after a long talk with "God", he ended up desiring the eradication of all humanity from Earth to fulfill his "divine task".


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Association ArcEdit


Homeless Emperor concentrating energy balls

Homeless Emperor meditates in preparation for the upcoming battles.[1]

He and the other executives of the Monster Association are summoned by Gyoro Gyoro for an as-of-yet unknown reason.[2]

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During the attack at the Monster Association headquarters, he encountered Zombieman and gave him trouble by blasting him many times until the regeneration capability of the hero could no longer keep up. Moments later, Tatsumaki flipped and smashed the headquarters and Homeless Emperor emerged from the ruins by himself, ganging up with the other high members of the Monster Association against Tatsumaki; he tried then to hit the skilled esper with a full-power attack, but Tatsumaki shielded herself with her powers and, much to Homeless Emperor's surprise, took no damage.

When Bang joined the fight and started to slaughter every monster in his way, Psykos contained him with her psychic ability and Homeless Emperor defeated him with a powerful and concentrated blast. Moments later, when King showed himself, he tried to face him together with Psykos, Evil Natural Water and Black Sperm; Homeless Emperor then tried to make the first move, but when he was about to attack, King advised him that, since the headquarters was in ruins, he had to pay attention to the loose rocks around him in order not to fall. Homeless Emperor took it as a metaphoric way of saying that he's powerless against King and that even in a four on one fight he would be no problem for King. This thought left Homeless Emperor in a state of shock and the other monsters also are hesitant to attack King.

Eventually Fubuki comes, and begins taking on Psykos, so Homeless Emperor decides to take the initiative on attacking King once again. When he was still thinking about a way to properly attack the "most powerful man on Earth", Zombieman catches him by surprise by attacking him from behind before putting himself between Homeless Emperor and Homeless Emperor's beams, thus making it impossible for Homeless Emperor to use his beams against Zombieman without getting involved himself. The hero then started an interrogation to understand the nature of the monster's powers, but before Homeless Emperor could say anything, he is killed by the same mysterious entity which gave him his powers.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a high-ranked member and a Dragon-level Mysterious Being of the Monster Association, Homeless Emperor is an extremely powerful being. Even though he's decently fast and possesses a hugely destructive power, Homeless Emperor is not suited for close quarters combat since his body is that of a regular person, and as such, has a much more difficult time with quick hand-to-hand battles.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes: Homeless Emperor possesses increased speed and reflexes, being able to quickly react and dodge attacks, although in comparison to several other heroes and monsters, he is inferior.

Supernatural AbilitiesEdit

Homeless Attack

Homeless Emperor giving a taste of his power

Energy Projection: Homeless Emperor is able to summon energy spheres which are similar to miniature suns capable of great destruction. These spheres explode upon contact. He is also shown to be able to use the energy and blast it from his fingertips. The spheres were powerful enough to not only cause Zombieman to admit Homeless Emperor's superior strength, but also temporarily knock Bang out of commission, who had just finished killing two dragon level monsters with ease.

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