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Gums (ハグキ, Haguki) was a Dragon-level Mysterious Being and a member of the Monster Association.


Gums is a large, rotund monster with two arms and two legs. Its head contains no features other than an incredibly large mouth that lacks any lips.


Gums doesn't appear to be intelligent and is incapable of speech. However, it is incredibly gluttonous and driven by the desire to consume.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Association ArcEdit

Gums sneaks up behind Pig God and swallows him whole, only to have Pig God fight his way out. After a relatively short battle, Gums stood victorious. Later, it joined up with the other Dragon level monsters to fight Tatsumaki. He was defeated instantly later on by Bang.

Abilities & PowersEdit

As a high-ranked member and a Dragon-level Mysterious Being of the Monster Association, Gums is an extremely powerful being.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Immense Strength: Gums is able to use its huge mouth to chomp through things like metal and debris with ease - it managed to swallow Pig God, a hero known for eating monsters, to defeat them. Aside from that, he was also shown to be capable of using the rest of his body when he went head to head with him.

Immense Speed: Despite appearances, Gums appears to be incredibly fast as it was able to sneak up on and take Genos and Pig God, two S-Class heroes, by surprise.