Guiche (ギーシュ, Gīshu) is the chief of the Z-City's Hero Association Branch.


Guiches is a well dressed man of portly figure brandishing a slightly tank-shell shaped head, thick eyebrows, beady eyes with a fat freckle spotted nose and gray hair. His facial features possess a particular sheen to them as though it were of polished wax. Like many associate officers he's wears basic black with a white under-all shirt sporting a black tie.


Initially appearing as a serious, stern individual. Guiche true colors show to be that of a sleazy business man, one of a greedy sort to boot, willing to lie about the particular value of profitable ventures just to keep his investments safe.

As well as withholding the particular danger notices of a case even at the cost of lives. In that he's shown to be a bit incompetent as well as arrogant, openly threatening his associates of assisted duplicity when his plans go south on top of leaving five lower class heroes to it and hope for the best.

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When the Wolf Level Threat Scaledon had escaped the special confinement cell created by Dr. Bofoi, Director Guiche, head of the Z-City Heroes Association branch network arranged to have a team of B ranked heroes assembled in order to apprehend the creature before word got out of his possibly illicit activities of profiteering off of the monsters scales.

To that end he falsified a story about it without telling his retainer stating that the creatures blood and biology are of potent pharmaceutical value, and that such a finding must be kept a secret lest other rival organizations caught wind of such a discovery before they could retrieve it. While in his office with said worker who relayed the information he openly admitted such a statement to be a lie; having in truth, already set up a buyer who would purchase the beasts shedding's so he could make a good sum of money.

When his assistant got a phone text from Metal Knight regarding the possible dangers of a monster increase in appearance and aggression's dependent upon a shift in its environment. The director immediately forbade his secretary from calling HQ for upper tier help threatening him of consequences that would ensue for both of them, the minuet his scheme was found out by the higher ups.

Worriedly stating that despite it being weaker heroes they sent after, they were still five to one so they should let it play out. After the issue with Scaledon had been settled, The S-Class hero Bofoi had him laid off in light of his monumental screw up, at least until the heat died down in order to reinstate him as head of the Z-City department.[1]


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